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Heres Another song I wrote because some of my friends are obsessed with metal and I cant stand listening to it for more than 2-3 songs at once.

?Daniel Gillis


Incessant Noise

Power Chords

They Insist On Having It that Way

Always the Same

Deep And Heavy

Fast PAced And Ugly That Way

Is Their #1 Rule

That Mellow Is Bad?

Heavy and Hard

Depressed And Suicidal

Screeches And Gunts

Hard On The Head

How Angry Are People Today?

Metalheads EVERYWHERE!

Not very Poetic perhaps, but it will make a good ol' controversial song :coolio:

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IUm not talking about metal being crappy ok. No im not putting a labe on all of them. I am putting a label on the ones who think only heavy stuff is good and like bands that can't play shart. The bands i am talking about that would cause the most ......unpleasentries here are AC/DC and Metallica after the 80's. I like Sabbath and Zep and Deep Purple and goodies like that.

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