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The Mirror

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Hey, im back writing again, let me know what you think please!

The Mirror

My whole self filled with all-consuming loathe

i hate 'it'


Not even good enough for a name

I scream

I shriek

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

'it' whimpers

"Why can't you be normal?"

"No wonder no one likes you"

no one likes you

no one likes you

the thought echoes in 'it's' mind

"You're pathetic, a little thorn in my side

i could easily pull you out

and you would be forgotten"

I hiss insults, the tone of my voice resembling

the bitterness of a lemon

i hate 'it'


"If you died, no one would care"

The insults come quicker

more vivid

more, dare i say, evil



shrieking like a banshee

louder and louder

vicious vicious vicious

"You don't deserve to live!"

"Die, b*tch, die"

One final, large, uncontrollable yell


Calmer now, much calmer

not rational, but calmer

"Who are you?"

"what are you trying to be?"

My reflection whispers

"Only me".

Thoughts much appriciated.

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Well Mairz, I've seen your photos so I know this cannot be autobiographical. The mirror loves you. You're gorgeous.

And, everyone here loves you, too.

Hateful? That's not you.

It bothers me to think that you may be feeling that way about yourself.

As for the writing, very good. I like how you get so much meaning into so few words.

They say that Voltaire once apologized to a correspondent for having written such a long letter. He said he just didn't have the time to write a short one.

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