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  1. Beautifully written...I really liked this poem alot!
  2. Mairi, I'm almost speechless..I simply love this song! I want to keep reading it over and over. You definitely have something great here.
  3. Great structure..I really like this!!
  4. Solitude -n- Guilt beyond rescue point like a burning tree surrounded by ashen forest or of what was once falling ashes- like snowflakes on this roof, our minds thoughts so heavy- sinking into scattered guilt i could pick any out and write for days but will not tranfixed on nothing- my roof grows layered in ash thoughts so heavy then nothing full moon lit nights-eyes wide open- i take it all in searching for what was lost in the shadows, it smells so familiar but not a single memory- of where i've stood too many times to forget and yet, there's nothing Scott-Free
  5. This poem is similar to how i'd express my feelings on hope.I thought it eas great!! :rockon:Scott-Free
  6. Raw emotions,written with a honest heart! I loved it. I hope it was theraputic for you, or at least helped you vent. :rockon:Scott-Free
  7. Beautifully written, nice work!!
  8. Beautifully written, Keep on writing, you're very talented!!
  9. Good eye for detail! I hope you at least read my poem :rockon:Scott-Free
  10. tears roll down my face it's been so many years... i'm sorry dad, but this life is just hurting too bad all those years stoned face and cold... that's how a man does his time to get through his bit i'm finally out,i never cried would you be mad now that i shed a tear at your funeral i'm sorry dad,but i can't act stoned face and cold anymore i'll bring my own son to visit your grave someday he'll know it's okay for a man to cry it's okay to tell your son i love you i guess i'll just be doing it differant than you rest in peace i love you [This is a work in progress poem. Feedback much appreciated] Scott-Free
  11. Scott-Free


    Mairi,This is very well structured and illustrates the emotion very well. I can relate to the poem and that feeling...I love it!! Can't wait to read more!! :rockon:Scott-Free
  12. When you see me laying beside myself- Don't lay beside me but take me up in your arms without any loss Could you just hold me- I need a warmer souls touch Don't drift away-it's too easy when you see me laying beside myself- Don't lay beside me 'cause you know I'm dying inside The only reminder I'm alive- Is the pain of needing more I awake everyday, but can't find my way out My heads barely above water, and I feel just fine- or I don't feel at all Yeah, but I'm really just fine If you could just hold me I need a warmer souls touch Don't drift away-It's too easy, much too easy I can't promise to ever change I can only be the person you love to hate You've grown to distaste me So take me, misplace me, or replace me- I've grown preoccupied with me We've all been through hard times at one point or another...I beleive we are stronger when we make it out the other side.This poem reflects a personal struggle I've gone through and demons I overcame. Comments would be much appreciated THANKS Scott-Free
  13. Mairi, I too didn't know you wrote poetry. This is a great poem. I felt every word and expression. Can't wait to read more of your work! Scott-Free
  14. Thank's alot, that's been on my mind for some time, and I heard the song again last night, but couldn't remember the artist.Thank you!
  15. Looking for the artist and song title. A line from the song I remember is:"It seems to me that maybe, pretty much always means no."
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