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Good reason to be Paranoid

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LONDON - Stolen gold and silver discs won by Ozzy Osbourne's band Black Sabbath were recovered Wednesday after thieves dumped them behind trash cans.

The discs were reported missing last week after a burglary at the home of Osbourne's former manager Patrick Meehan, in southeastern England.

Kent Police said an anonymous tip had led them to the eight discs, found in a plastic bag dumped behind recycling bins.

Two other discs stolen in the haul — which included the albums "Master of Reality," "Paranoid" and "Volume 4" — had already been returned after being offered for sale on Internet auction site eBay.

Osbourne, who earned fame as a heavy metal rocker in the 1970s, was a victim of burglars himself last month.

He unsuccessfully attempted to tackle thieves who broke into his Buckinghamshire mansion, west of London, and made off with valuable jewelry.

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I know all about him. I lived through it. I was 18 in 1982. Rainbow in the Dark, etc. He's no Ozzy, as evidenced by the plummeting album sales when Ozzy left.

But, everyone's entitled to their opinion. And as long as it's Tony's BS, what difference does it make?

BTW....in your profile...your occupation...you can't be serious.

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I'll argue that Ozzy leaving the band had little effect on plummeting album sales.

That all started when Tony Iommi decided to encorporate more Progressive elements in Sabbath's sound, starting with Sabotage. That, and the fact that Ozzy's voice (or lack thereof) was unable to keep up with the band's change in direction led to a loss of interest in Sabbath long before he left.

If I were to compare Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die with Heaven & Hell and Mob Rules, I'd have to say that the latter two are much more interesting.

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I don't know how album sales were going at the time, but I do know that I preferred the voice of the black country Prince of Darkness to the more 'typical' heavy metal tones of Ronnie James D. Like so many other singers, RJD's voice had nothing to distinguish it in the rapidly expanding gendre of what became known as 'heavy metal', whereas Ozzy's did.

As an aside, I went on't lash with a nanny of the Osbourne's kids many years ago. Jolly nice girl from Birmingham if I recall. Never got to meet the great man though.


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You cant talk about Black Sabbath and Ozzy not come up!...They were so much better with him....they were one of the first rocks bands to eva appear on MTV..and of course Ozzy was in the video so Black Sabbath and Ozzy fit together like Santa Claus and Christmas although Ozzy made some wicked singles solo ex...Crazy Train , No More Tears, Dreamer. Momma I'm Coming Home so on and so forth. Ozzy just makes good music what eva he is doing :rockon:

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