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What about WMA?

I've been experimenting with converting 160-192kbps MP3 to WMA @ 128kps and the sound quality is retained very well! (not that my ears -after all the 26 years of 'very' loud rock 'n roll -would notice) I have an MP3 player with only 128MB (I need to get a 256 SD card to expand it to 384MB) and I can usually fit 18-22 songs on it, (depending on length0 but I change them out often, it's pretty easy. It's great for active sports like basketball at very compact!

My player - i2269236zj.jpg

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Mr. Pink Floyd, you really need a very good sound card and speakers to really notice the difference. If you are really interested in quality on a small place, do this test. Rip a song from one of your CDs to uncompressed WAV, then encode to mp3, wma and ogg, all at the same bitrate, then compare. I found that ogg sounds a bit better than the other two.

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I've got a Rio Cali - it's 128MB with an SD expansion slot so theoretically I could get whatever the biggest available card is (1GB, 2GB?) for expanded storage. I got it for Christmas '03 - knowing what I do now it was a classic case of if I had waited a year, I could've gotten much more bang for the buck - but I like it. I wear it every morning when I walk (you gotta exercise, you know) and I love it. The 128MB holds about 25-30 songs depending on file size. I usually listen to the playlist twice through or put it on random for a couple of days. Changing out the tunes is very simple and since I'm on the computer regularly it's not really a hassle either. Although I will probably break down and buy a 1GB card for it at some point. It is well made - has an armband for exercising and has held up to being dropped a few times. One draw back - it takes a single AAA battery which are usually only good for about 3-4 hours or so of playback.


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