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Fun And Games-Whose Line is It Anyway?

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Was in a scene from "Death in The Afternoon" when I almost cried... or...Was in a frenzy from the Midnight air when I saw the light

Foxy, the name of the song is "All the men are hungry" by Steve harley and Cockney Rebel.

Yours is "Gold dust woman", Fleetwood mac.

MC, yours is "Sudbivisions" by Rush.

I´m the one who loves you while he drives you further down

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LOL, the title of the game really applies here...

Who's line is it anyway?

Ah god who cares!

Showed I knew the song by doing the next lines of the two verses! And originally we were just putting down the next line of the song. Thats why I just put down the lines.

Next please...!

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Time flies -- doesn't seem a minute

Since the Tirolean spa had the chess boys in it

All changed, don't you know that when you

Play at this level there's no ordinary venue - One Night in Bangkok by Murray Head (from the musical "Chess")

Armchair warriors often fail

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