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Fun & games--Before & After song titles!

Crazy Don

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:bow: :bow: and I like your new avatar and sig :thumbsup:

let's see if I can beat that...

Sympathy for the Devil's Haircut myself into Pieces of my Heart of Glass Spider in my Room

Rolling Stones - Beck - Fury In The Slaughterhouse - Janis Joplin - Blondie - David Bowie - Barenaked Ladies

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Gah. Now I have to do eight. Let's see. Hopefully the hip hop won't take anything away.

Drop It Like It's Hot In Here Comes the Sunshine of Your Love Song For No One Sweet World Turning Circles

Snoop Dogg- Nelly- The Beatles- Cream- John Mayer-Dave Matthews Band- Fleetwood Mack- Judas Priest

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