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The Difference Between Us

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I recieved this email. I think it accuratly describes the difference between the oldsters here and the younguns!

1974-long hair

2004-longing for hair



1974-acid rock

2004-acid reflux

1974-moving to california cause it's cool

2004-moving to california cause it's warm

1974-seeds and stems


1974-hoping for a BMW

2004-hoping for a BM

1974-The Grateful Dead

2004-Dr. Kevorkian(grateful dead)

1974-going to a new, hip joint

2004-recieving a new hip joint

1974-The Rolling Stones

2004-kidney stones

1974-being called to the principles office

2004-calling the principles office



1974-begging your parents to let you grow your hair long

2004-your kids begging to let them get their hair shaved

1974-passing the drivers test

2004-passing the vision test



other differences:

people starting college this fall were born in 1985

they have never known life without the threat of aids

they are too young to remember the space shuttle blowing up

bottle caps have always been plastic and screw off

they have always had an answering machine and a vcr

cds were introduced the year they were born

they have always had cable

they have always had a remote control

popcorn has always been cooked in the microwave

Jay Leno has always been on the tonight show

they do not know who mork is or where he's from

they do care who shot JR or who JR is

they have never heard where's the beef, I'd walk a mile for a camel, or de plane, de plane

Mcdonalds never came in strofoam containers, or ever thought of serving salads

they have no idea how to use a typewriter

I feel old, but wow was life simpler or what? Maybe I just realize how young they really are.... ::

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Hey, I can use a typewriter just fine, thank you! And my TV is from 1985, but it doesn't have a remote. It gets one channel because it's a piece of crap. That thing about "Who shot JR" I have heard about that all the time. What was JR, out of curiosity.

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It was J.R. Ewing, an oil tycoon from a tv show from the 80's called Dallas. Someone shot him at the end of the season cliffhanger, and the whole country went nuts trying to figure out "Who Shot J.R.?"

Anyway, if you want to learn more, there's a Dallas Reunion show on tv sometime soon. Not excactly sure when, I just know I saw a commercial. It's a slice of Americana.

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Very good children! Chris, watch who you're calling old (i'm getting sensitive) although I guess I did start it. But I bet I know more about your stuff than you do about mine!

Nanoo Nanoo is Orkese for I don't know what.

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Hey! You called me young first! You probably know more about the 'stuff' today than I do, because for the most part, all music and television sucks today. Not to mention cars. Sometime in the 80s, a law got passed that said all cars have to look crappy.

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Young is not a dirty word. For that matter neither is old. I tell people I'm older than dirt anyhow. People say, hey you look great, how old are you? I say oh, 57. It always get the response man you look good! I'm not bad for 48 but its fun to put them on.

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I was born in '78 and I can remember not having a lot of those things when I was growing up. Which is weird because it's only 7 years apart from the new college kids.

Our first VCR had a WIRED remote and it was BETA! Now how many people here know what beta is?

P.S. Mmm... Earth-Angel

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I remember my friend had 8 tracks for the car... I guess they lasted less than Beta video-tapes... I still see them, but I no longer saw 8 tracks...

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I remember beta. We didn't have one but they were square type tapes right? That lasted not quite as long as 8 tracks

That's another thing 8 tracks

Telegrams lasted a little longer... but who gets a bona fide telegram now? :beatnik:

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When I first started re-recording music from vinyl(in the early 60's) it was reel-to-reel tape. Then along came cassettes. Now I edit music and burn CD's on my PC. Technology is awesome.

And sound quality? From my parents' old Victrola to the sound systems we have today, Bose speakers, etc...Like, WOW man!

Our first TV had an 8" screen and a hundred knobs. It was B&W. The console was huge. Now plasma. Cool!

When we took a roll of pictures to the store to be developed it took over a week to get 'em back. And those nasty flash bulbs and cubes. Now I take digital pics and print them out in seconds.

Yeah, we sometimmes long for certain things from the "old days", but not music/video technology.

Even in my youth we kinda took these advancements for granted. I hope today's young people appreciate and embrace new technology. Keep the new stuff coming, Baby!! I love it!

Except for silicone breasts. Sorry. Don't want 'em and you gals don't need 'em.

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