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This puts a lot of pressure on a person... hmm...

1. Led Zeppelin: II

2. Lynyrd Skynyrd: (pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd)

3. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Second Helping

4. Pink Floyd: The Dark Side Of The Moon

5. Puddle Of Mud: Come Clean

6. Pearl Jam: Ten

7. The Beatles: 1

8. Oasis: What's The Story... Morning Glory

9. Bon Jovi: Cross Road

10. Live: Throwing Copper

Not in any particular order after # 5.

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1)"Plastic Ono Band" - John Lennon

2)"Dirt" - Alice In Chains

3)"Mellon Collie" - The Smashing Pumpkins

4)"The White Album" - The Beatles

5)"Revolver" - The Beatles

6)"Above" - Mad Season

7)"Siamese Dream" - The Smashing Pumpkins

8)"Good Morning Spider" - Sparklehorse

9)"Legend" - Bob Marley

10)"Sublime" - Sublime

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In no particular order:

1) 'The Definitive' ~ Alice Cooper

2) 'All The World's A Stage' ~ Rush

3) 'Clapton Chronicles' ~ Eric Clapton

4) 'Baja Sessions' ~ Chris Isaak

5) 'Older' ~ George Michael

6) 'Floodland' ~ Sisters Of Mercy

7) 'Born In The USA' ~ Bruce Springsteen

8) 'The Whole Story' ~ Kate Bush

9) 'Hotel California' ~ The Eagles

10) 'World Wide Live' ~ The Scorpions

I have 503 CD albums. Not as many as I'd like ::

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I have about 250 cds. My favourite ones are

1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles

2. The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars - David Bowie

3. ...And Justice For All - Metallica

4. Road To Ruin - The Ramones

5. Forty Licks - The Rolling Stones

6. Desperado - The Eagles

7. Night Moves - Bob Seger

8. The Complete Collection - The Kinks

9. L.A. Woman - The Doors

10. Born In The USA - Bruce Springsteen

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1- Sticky Fingers -Rolling Stones

2-Rubber Soul- Beatles

3- Night Moves -Bob seger

4- Making Movies -Dire Straits

5- Exile on main Street- Rolling Stones

6- Goat´s Head Soup- Rolling Stones

7- Crown of Creation - Jefferson Airplane

8- Layla & other ass... song -Derek and the Dominoes

9- Please, please me - Beatles

10- Heartbeat City- Cars.

Just ten? Oh... I´ve got maybe two thousand albums and one hundred would be my top 100.

edna, brilliant list!!! I'll have these ones too!! :thumbsup: :bow: :thumbsup: :bow: :coolio:

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Funny, I was always more of a Singles collector on vinyl, except for Elvis and The Beatles (anything of theirs, except poor Elvis' lousy sound track Albums). I suppose I have about 300+ CDs, and because most of my favorites are "oldies" 90%would be "Best Of" or 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s(for my kids really)Compilations.

I find I get bored sometimes listening to the same Artist/Group, eg Abba, Bread, Chicago, Billy Joel, Aretha Franklin, Etc Etc EVEN though they're among my favorites. NEVER get sick of The Beatles because they are so diverse - oh, except some of the "White Album". I think a lot of tracks on that are self indulgent or "IN" jokes.


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I have to add some at my list:

"Michel Polnareff"- Polnareff

"Shaved Fish"- John Lennon

"Come Upstairs" & "No secrets"_ Carly Sion

"Freeze-Frame"- J. Geils Band

"Transformer" & "Coney Island baby"- Lou Reed

"Tapestry"- Carole King

All Simon & Garfunkel.

All Leonard Cohen.

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"- Elton John.

All Cars.

All Bob seger

"Alive on arrival"- Steve Forbert

"Stranglers Live"- Stranglers

"Woodstock"- plenty of...

"Chep Thrills"- janis and the H.Co

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I have about 400 albums (with which I'll never part), 400 CD's and 150 cassettes. I thought this was a fairly substantial collection, but it pales in comparison to those of Edna and XXX. I love Edna's list, but I'll add a few more.

Communique - Dire Straits

Full Moon Fever - Tom Petty

Night Moves - Bob Seger

Chronicles - CCR (this is a greatest hits album, but it's so hard to pick just one CCR album)

Meet The Beatles - The Beatles

One Of These Nights - The Eagles

Lonesome Jubilee - John Mellencamp

Shooting Straight In The Dark - Mary Chapin Carpenter

Goodbye Yellowbrick Road - Elton John

Second Helping - Lynyrd Skynyrd


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I forgot my CDs! And some other Lps...

- Carpenters Gold.

- Abba Gold.

- Bee Gees Gold.

- "These Foolish things", Bryan Ferry

- Duran duran Greatest Hits

- "You´re never alone with a schizophrenic", Ian Hunter

- "Broken English". Marianne Faithfull.

- Neil Diamond Greatest Hits.

- Trini Lopez sings folk.

- "There but for Fortune", Chad and Jeremy.

All Beatles and Rolling Stones albums.

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To honor Hawaiian musicians who aren't around for the Grammy awards:

"The Extraordinary Kui Lee"-Kuiokalani Lee

"Hawaii's Golden Voice"-Alfred Aholo Apaka

"Like a Seabird in the Wind"-Olomana

"Gabby"-Gabby Pahinui

"Tropical Storm"-The Peter Moon Band


"Valley Style"-Ka'au Crater Boys

"Young Hawaii Plays Old Hawaii"-Hui Ohana

"Endlessly"-Sonny Chillingworth

"Live at Hank's Place"-Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau

There are others, but these set the pace for those who came in from the "

Folk" and "World" pigeonholes to the "Hawaiian" category. :drummer:

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