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" My Vagina! "


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I thought about doing a Google search for the the title...but I know its going to give me about 300 billion sites that aren't strictly relevant.

If you add +lyrics to the quoted keyword, it should narrow it down to only music related sites. I looked up the song on All Music Guide & that was the only indicated band.

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This is a little nugget from the comedian Rodney Carrington...

Dear Penis,

I don't think I like you anymore,

You used to watch me shave,

Now all u do is stare at the floor.

Oh dear Penis,

I don't like you anymore.

It used to be you and me,

A paper towel, and a dirty magazine,

That's all we needed to get by.

Now it seems things have changed,

I think that your the one to blame.

Dear Penis,

I don't like you anymore.

Now he sings,

Dear Rodney,

I don't think I like you anymore,

'Cause when u get to drinkin'

You put me places I've never been before.

Dear Rodney,

I dont like you anymore.

Why can't we just get a grip,

On our man to hand relationship.

Come to terms with truly how we feel.

If we could put our heads together,

We'd just stay home forever.

Dear Penis,

I think I like you after all.

Oh and Rodney,

While yer shavin',

Shave my balls.

:jester: :jester: :jester:

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I think that's what she means, MindCrime.

Perfect circles and all.

It's hard to draw a perfect circle without a compass. But actually it's not, a string and a nail is all that's needed.

Any true statement has a false counterpoint.

Amazing, isn't it?

Human anatomy should never be criticized, I mean if not for a vagina nothing would have EVER come!


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