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I need bath/bubble type related songs for a party


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Hello everyone-

Here's what i need: We are planning a birthday party for my 8 year old at Bath junkie.(A store like bath and body works) The manager said i could bring in a cd of different music to play while the girls have the party and do there thing. Only i am having a hard time remembering songs with Bath/Bubbles/rubber ducky kinds of sounds.Here's what i have so far:

Rubber ducky-sesame street

Suds in the bucket-Sarah Evans

Splish splash- Bobby Darin

Rubber duck- Ernie (sesame street) (the newer one)

Tiny bubbles-

Wash that man right out of my hair- Mitzi Gaynor (South pacific)

Can anyone think of any others?

Please post and let me know-


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The Jarmels', "A Little Bit Of Soap".

It's quite a reach but how about "Take Me To The River"?

...."washa me down, washa me down".

The Standells', "Dirty Water"...also a reach.

I know there was a song for kids who are afraid of going down the drain but I can't remember what it was called, who did it or anything. Ring a bell with anyone?? Apparently the drain fear is rather common in very young children.

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