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Lemmy Has Died


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This one hurts. My inlaws are the living embodiment of white and uptight. They live in a condo in the town where I live (and have lived all my life, they are relative newcomers). As they vacation in Cocoa Beach Florida from January until Early April, they have kind of morphed into uber-conservative, sense of entitlement, Donald Trump loving, faux-Republicans. Like, climate change is not manmade, guns are good, immigrants are bad. yadda yadda. But they are both born here, they are Canadian. My father-in-law (actually more a step-father-in-law) is perpetually angry, happy to let everyone know what it is that "ticks him off" "Perturbs him" "irks him" etc. It drives both my wife and I wonky. And it always gave me *no* small sense of pleasure to roll into their parking lot with Motorhead's "Ace Of Spades" playing at plaster-cracking volume whenever I am summoned to repair something there which is all the time. My wife just kind of laughs, because I always crack it up just before turning into the parking lot.  We're going on a cruise with them in 2 weeks. I'd rather suck a hospital mop.

                                                               Thanks for everything Lemmy. I'm gonna miss you.              



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