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A Killer Halloween Costume

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Steins Clown White, Mehron's liquid black, and a good applicating brush. kiss12.jpg Ask your local theatrical place for a good setting powder. This is applied with a triangular sponge after the make up is in place, and keeps it in place. Apply the outlines of the black first, everything is symmetrical. Then add the white, edging it up to the black outlines. Then fill in the black areas.

Hope this helps,


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A good starting place to look for rare memorabilia is Ebay, you can find almost anything there, but winning an auction can be difficult, even if you try to go in at the last moment, others will have automatic placement bids that will out-do you.

yes, but I don't want a used mask, I'm afraid it'll be sweaty and gross and germy.

And ken, are you suggesting I make one?

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I once dressed as Gene Simmons and was amazed at how easy it is to resemble "the bat" with just the instructions provided by Ken.

No mask can ever do justice to a well applied makeup job. The trick to really looking like Gene is to keep your head pointed in a downward position to capture the evilness. If you allow your nostrils to show, it takes away from the image.

And don't forget a very large faux tongue to provide the finishing touch.

Oh, I'll mention the clever use of words with Kiss' book:

Kiss and Makeup

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I absolutely love to paint my face for Halloween, and I'm fairly talented at it. In the past, I've been a cat, a witch, a skeleton, and just last year I was a devil (which was the most fun). I need to find some pictures to post!

Batman, you should definitley paint your face. It looks very realistic and it suprisingly more comfortable (and safer) than a hot mask.

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