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  1. Hey batman i am one of the worst artists on the intier earth. there are probley babys that can draw better that i. for the kiss concert i went back stage with ace makeup and tommy thayer (the new ace) was like awesome costume. even if you make a mistake you can always wipe it off. rock on it will look awesome, KISS FREAK :guitar:
  2. Hey i was wondering if anyone out there also got the backstage passes for the KISS ROCK THE NATION tour. i actually didnt do the platinum package but i got them through tommy thayer (the new ace) well it was awesome. i meen what do you expect from the hottest band in the world. Later, KISS FREAK :guitar:
  3. I have one big feeling that Gene is going to give them a makeover and turn the tables a little. well and if they do sucsed well it wont last for long cause i like many others have met him and person and he has to big of a charicter to change. come on how can you change that KISS FREAK :guitar:
  4. I would would have to say eather Black Diamond - KISS - because it last forever or Schools out - Alice Cooper -because it is awesome :guitar:
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