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It's been in Britney Spears mouth?

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Realize, this is not a new concept...

Barbara Klein,

of Bellingham Washington recalls from 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair - "My first job (helping fairgoers make Space Needle souvenirs in 60 seconds) resulted in me getting a souvenir that "belonged to Elvis."

One day, Elvis was being transported around the fairgrounds in a flatbed truck to the location of that day's film shooting. As the flatbed passed by my workstation, Elvis finished the contents of a Sno-Cone and tossed its paper wrapper into a garbage receptacle.

Of the five girls who immediately dove in to retrieve the wrapper, my friend Joan got most of it and gave me a 2-by-3-inch triangular section.

I still have the wrapper 42 years later! It is a great reminder of my first job and all the excitement that surrounded the 1962 Seattle World's Fair."

"thank you, thank you very much"

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