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The Oddball Game


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List 3 or more things that have a connection plus the 1 oddball. The next person names the oddball and then it's their turn if they get it right... Just like the common links game but easier. You can list any theme you want, doesn't have to be music related.

Start out with an easy one...


Rolling Stones

Beach Boys



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Changed the rules...
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Yes Songwriters was what I was thinking also...

OKAY...How about we wait for confirmed answers and the person who gets it right, it will be their turn...I guess that would eliminate any confusion...since there could be a few possible connections...I'll edit my original post... :P

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The Beach Boys

The Four Tops

The Shangri-Las

The Kinks

[smaller]Quite a bit of activity here since my post.[/smaller]

Your reason is legitimate, but the oddball I was looking for was The Four Tops. All the other groups have some sibling members (Two pairs in the case of The Shangri-Las !).

Carry on, gang.

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Hmmm...if the Rangers are the Hockey team rather than the Baseball team I'd say they are the odd man out because they do not utilize a ball in their game as the other four teams do.

Or...it could be the Celtics because that team never resided in New York...as the others have or do.

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