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I shouldn't play this game... photobucket and imageshack both hate me and are not compatible with my gaming system.

I'll pick a number and whoever guesses closest can have next turn (3 people or 2 hour limit) :goof:


Is your gaming system capable of saving images to it's hard drive?

If so, you don't need to use an image hosting site to post an image here.

All you have to do is click on the "Manage Files" link which is below the body box of a reply and upload an image from your hard drive to Songfacts.

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The picture doesn't show.

But first you must delete the original name, for instance, delete "John Lennon.jpg" and write"cvb.jpg" for instance...


1- click on "manage files"

2- click on "browse"

3- chose the pic

4- upload

5- click on "add"

6- Wait till the image shows in the box

7- then click on "Full"

8- click on "finished"

8- Post.

Maximum attachment size: 39.06 KB.

(it shows the green little box because I opened the file to follow the steps but didn't post anything)

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I did all that and the pic shows for me if I click on the "+" symbol. Maybe I'll just take up rocket science... probably easier :laughing:

In fact I can see your attachment as well. Gerard Phillippe... nice pic

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