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No more voters overnight ? Never mind.

I'll keep voting open for another couple of days just in case, and post the new Top 40 around Noon Saturday, Melbourne time. The times in each of the 4 Cities shown in the Forum Index as I make this Post is now -

Los Angeles: 3.35 p.m. Wednesday

New York: 6.35 p.m. W.

London: 11.35 p.m. W.

Melbourne: 10.35 a.m. Thursday

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You have a good memory. :thumbsup:

Besides having his first #1 with 'Delicado' in 1952, he also had 2 accredited Million Sellers with 'The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart)' -Felicia Sanders vocal- in 1953 and " The Theme From A Summer Place' in 1960. Two Movie themes, which I know will interest Canam. And he was also born in Canada !

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Very Good Martin ! :) I like the 'Great Minds' bit. ;)

But I have about as much of an idea of who your pic is as you probably do of mine ! I used to feature these Quizpics when I ran my Quiz, before you joined I think.

I hope your thread goes really well. I'll drop in and see if I know any from time to time. Cheers Mate.


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Sorry ladies, not those three. :P

I don't really know much about him except musically. I checked and he is still alive - he's only 68 for goodness sake.

He had other minor hits (one more Top Ten), but the song he's best remembered for has been successfully covered by others, including The Beach Boys. But the original has bongos.


Pat Boom Metal ??? He must have been on hard times.

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