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If you had posted it you'd have posted my youtube. It wasn't there, so about a year ago I made it. I've loved that song 1970 or so, and very few people know it. Great song huh??

It's an outstanding song! And you're right, I would have posted your YouTube because that's the one I've been listening to since August of last year!

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This seems like an appropriate place for this link.

It is a "now you see, now you don't", sometimes glitchy* archived e-version of the book Fuzz Acid And Flowers . It is an incredibly complete resource listing Psychedelic and Garage Bands 1964-'72. Click on a letter of the alphabet at the bottom, then select any group to get a description with the band's personnel and discography. It's fascinating to me.


*[smaller]for instance, entries under the letter 'B' aren't showing up for me right now, but everything else seems in working order.[/smaller]

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Western Union ~ Five Americans

Heard this one today...a forgotten classic

I absolutely love that track! I barely recall ever hearing it on the radio, if at all.

There are plenty of great tracks mentioned. Big thumbs up.

Now, I didn't notice any classic sexy soul. To me, this track pretty well beats them all, and it ain't Barry White either! lol

The album version runs close to 12 minutes. The single version runs just a bit over 4 minutes. And then the 12" version (for which I included in the link) runs close to 10 minutes.

And what did I personally do? Well, I could listen to this track over and over (and I have) but wanted to make it longer. I used the 12" as a guide (that version eliminated the middle break in the original album version in order to keep the beat going steady throughout the entire track) by copying a segment earlier in the track and then cut/edit/phase, etc, after the second vocalist and then repeated after the third vocalist. In conclusion, my version runs a bit over 14 minutes long! And I still want to make it longer. lol

Sorry for the long blab. Here is the original 12" version.

You Just Have to Click to Find Out...

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