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My God, will there ever be anyone else that will be as cool? No Wiki links because they wouldn't have wanted that.

Rock 'N Roll High School

We Want The Airwaves

Time Has Come Today

I Wanna Be Sedated

The KKK Took My Baby Away

Rockaway Beach

Pet Semetary

Blitzkreig Bop

Poison Heart

I Don't Want To Grow Up

Baby I Love You (A true gem)



Sheena Is A Punk Rocker.

The funniest excerpt from the Ramones "Anthology" disc is from their road manager. He was driving them in a van from gig to gig. They had stopped for gas, and a woman approached him and commended him for taking 'those retarded men out for the day.'

Gabba Gabba Hey!

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This is not a criticism of the band or it's huge fan base per se, but I just never got the Ramones . They sound to me like your average teenage-themed R&R band , and rather simplistic- a faster paced and more interesting Sha-Na-Na, if you will . I can appreciate a few of their songs , but I guess they never became my cup of tea . I realize they were a step in changing the direction of rock in the '70s , but , to me, just a baby step . I think Blondie and the Talking Heads were far more important and inspired , and if they were inspired by the Ramones , then that is all well and good . But their music doesn't stand alone , to me , as 'great '.

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You really have to an open mind to all musical genre to appreciate a band like the Ramones, I believe. The best blurb I've read on the Ramones is this one...

An Ode To The Ramones

The Ramones personify punk. No matter what others might say, The Ramones truly were the "first" first punk band. When I first heard their sound, it was as if I was listening to music for the first time. Their music was devoid of pretensions. They were the anti-beatles, anti-led zep, anti-stones, anti-who. It was not that they resented those groups, on the contrary, The Ramones adored those bands, it was that they understood that rock was nothing more than rock. By stripping down music to three-chords, a catchy tune, and playing it faster than their instruments could handle, The Ramones reinvented music. But more importantly, it was a band that played honestly. Throughout their long carreer they never really changed their formula. They refused to evolve. They were conscious that their musical innocence would be lost if they attempted to deviate from their beginnings. And it is exactly that innocence, that pure, unshakable love for rock that has made them last the test of time. Long live The Ramones.

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Mike, why do you never credit your quotes? It'd be interesting to know who made them.

I NEVER credit my quotes? Well I wasn't aware of that. Nor did I really care actually.

This was saved in a music file on my computer Shawna. But you know what? I did take the first 15 words of this quote to a place called... Google... and found "a" source. But I don't know if that's the origin.

Funny thing about quotes these days with internet, it can be very difficult sometimes finding who was ACTUALLY the originator of a quote. You see many things get references by others over and over. Unless things are dated, or Copyrighted.

But when I post news, or ultra-relevant quotes, likely to be debated or challenged, I post a source.

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They were the band that proved that any old bunch of kids could make it in the big time. You don't have to be good looking; you don't have to be great musicians; you don't even have to have some cool gimmick...you just have to wanna rock out and have fun! The Ramones did that.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

Yeah that's true, and it always bothers me how so many adults who like the Ramones just assume that this doesn't happen today too.

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The Ramones' first album was awesome,

but they really weren't that important

The Stooges and MC5 definitely pre-date the Ramone's and were infinitely more 'punk'

And as far as Ramones' contemporaries go, the Manchester scene was far more innovative and expansive,

and if we take the term contemporaries to a more historical sense

(in classical music, you can be a composer's 'contemporary' if you wrote within like 30 years of them) then the NY scene just a couple years after the Ramones is far more interesting

The no-wave scene took an 'ethos' from punk rock but created an entire new way of playing music.

Which of course was led by Sonic Youth, a band that was far more talented, and more productive than any of those quick to burn out 'punk' bands, in fact SY released a killer disc not much longer than a year ago.

Tho, I'll admit, Sonic Youth is one of those bands that you have to be open to all musical genre to really appreciate.

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