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Best Theme?


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SOooooooo many good memories to this one...

The Munsters

Hawaii 5-0

Lost in Space

The Muppet Show

Beverly Hillbillies

I always hoped these guys would freak everyone out and start making out...

She was a little bit country, he was a little bit rock and roll

Anyone remember this one?

Wait 'till Your Father Gets Home!

The composer of this one just passed away

The Andy Griffith Show

"You unlock this door with the key of imagination.."

The Twilight Zone

Goodbye grey skies, hello blue,

Happy Days

Karl Malden had the biggest nose on television on

The Streets Of San Francisco

Jim Rockford had the coolest car on

The Rockford Files.

Don't go to bed with a bird on your head...

Baretta Theme

My Mom loved this show,

Room 222

The Mod Squad was a pretty cool show.

I always thought The Rookies had a cool theme.

Farrah Fawcett is still the hottest woman television had ever seen

Charlies Angels

Little House On The Prairie was a family favorite..

The Waltons were geeky even for the '70's

Not really a theme song, by my God, check the hair out on Tony Friggin' Orlando

John Travolta, who knew?

Welcome Back Kotter

Come Aboard, we're expecting you!

The Love Boat (I'd have rocked the cruise directors world..)

Everyone knows the words to this one, sing it...

Movin' On Up, To The East Side

The opening to Starsky and Hutch always sounded like bad porno music to me.

I know (heh heh) 'alternative' lyrics to this song...

The Brady Bunch

The last recorded words of the late Bon Scott were

Shazbot! Nanu Nanu!

Sargeant Carter!

Gomer Pyle, USMC.

Not from way back, but brought cool back to tv themes....

Woke Up This Morning, Got Yourself a Gun..

Bo and Luke were

Just Good Ol' Boys...

Schlemail? Schlamozzle? Hassenfeffer Incorporated?

Loni Anderson was uber hot

WKRP in Cincinnati

One Adam-12. One Adam-12 see the man....

Before there was Steve Irwin, we had that old geezer Marlon Perkins on Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom But ol' Marlon used to wait up in the 'relative safety of this 100-foot tree, while Jim wrestles the alligator'.

Janet Jackson's 'pre-boobyshot' premier in Good Times , Ain't we lucky we got 'em?

Archie Bunker, a total original...

All In The Family

and the granddaddy of alllllll themes.....

A three hour tour. A three hour tour..........

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