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What is a man?

Red Fish

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I thought he was a zombie. I mean, what would anyone expect from someone rising from the dead?

Jesus was the son of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

(you can get a reward of $1 million if you can prove that that's not true)

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i want you all to know that youve hurt my feelings so i wont be posting in the creative writing section anymore until you people learn to like poetry

Namahage...rhymes with damage?

I've thrown hissy fits on here too and threatened to leave...but they've always been slightly, no; majorly, 'ironic' hissy fits. Your poem was rubbish. Accept it. Unless, of course you are having a bit of 'ironic' fun with us...in which case, it was brilliant!

Which means it was 'brilliant rubbish'....and, there's nothing wrong with that!

BF does it all the time.

:D :cool: :D

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We don't respect rubbish...it's just hard to tell sometimes. You really do have to read and re-read, and think about stuff from time to time, just in case you are missing something.

I've re-read it a thousand times...and it's still rubbish.

But, I defend, to the death, the right to post rubbish on here...Lord knows, I've done it enough myself.

:D :cool:


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