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Anybody here in a Band?

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What? Hardly ever practice? No wonder your band has that name! :shame shame smiley: :doh:

When I was in a band we practiced every day and we wrote and composed every day. we had over 200 songs (lyrics by me and music by the bass player)

Gotta get together more Tony!! :rockon:

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No, as the lineup changed (except for me and the bass player) the name seemed to change. For quite a while at the end we were just going with the monicker of "Wild Rayzor" cuz one time I called my buddy on bass "a wild S.O.B" on stage, so people started to call him "Wild S.O.B"

We combined hiss new nickname with mine and bingo. :crazy: Kind of a dumb name, but this was through 87-96!! :shocked:

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