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Best Bass players of all time

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John Entwistle

Jack Bruce

Paul McCartney

to name a few....It's hard to say the best...I think they are all great and all have their own styles....very hard to compare....

I really like the bass in The Animals tunes....don't know the guys name...I'll have to look it up.... :P

My daughter's boyfriend would tell you it's Jaco Pastorius all the way.... :)

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I'm a bass player so I want to do this right...

Richard Bona (My all time favorite)

Victor Wooten

Jacko Pastorius

Jason Scheff (From Chicago)

Gerardo Carrillo (He's mexican, if you haven't listened to him, please do)

John Myung

Stu Hamm

Richard Bona is my all time favourite too. Knocked me out when he was in Stockholm Jazz festival and then I heard him live a couple years ago and he was fantastimagical!

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