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  1. Probably one of the best bands ever, They came up in the late 60s with a new style: "Rock with Horns", they have benn around for more than 40 years and they still rock big time... So I ask: WHY THE HELL ISN'T CHICAGO IN THE HALL OF FAME???
  2. Now here comes the war... 1. Jimi Hendrix 2. Eric Clapton 3. Eddie Van Halen (Only for inventing tapping) 4. Joe Satriani 5. Pat Metheny 6. Vitto Bratta (If Van Halen invented tapping, this guy took it to its climax, way more than Vai) 7. Jimmy Paige 8. Santana (Not that virtuoso, but way too much feeling) 9. John Petrucci 10. Chuck Berry (C'mon, he changed the way guitar should be played)
  3. I know its hard, but I'll put some of the best male voices I've heard, in my opinion... Freddie Mercury Elvis Prestley Bill Medley Brad Delp Got another one?? Feel free to put them...
  4. chinchu

    Best Concert Ever

    Pink Floyd, P.U.L.S.E., London 1994
  5. I'm a bass player so I want to do this right... Richard Bona (My all time favorite) Victor Wooten Jacko Pastorius Jason Scheff (From Chicago) Gerardo Carrillo (He's mexican, if you haven't listened to him, please do) John Myung Stu Hamm
  6. chinchu

    Abbey Road - The Beatles

    In my own personal opinion, one of the two best Beatles album, the other one is the White album... This is just great music, plus, it has my favorite song of all time, Something... You have to understand something: Too many people keep talking about Sgt. Pepper, what's the big deal about Sgt. Pepper??? It's good I'll give you that, but, people think it's genius just because they're the Beatles and they released a weird album... From the White album on, if you notice, The Beatles set the way rock and pop songs would be written later on in the seventies, hence the 80's and 90's... Thnk about that...
  7. chinchu

    Top 10 Bass Line songs

    Something - The Beatles... Not virtuoso, but really melodic!!
  8. chinchu

    Top 10 Bass Line songs

    there is bass in that song... But the recognisable riff is played by the guitar...
  9. chinchu

    Top 10 Bass Line songs

    Actually it's a guitar riff...
  10. chinchu

    Top 10 Bass Line songs

    For love of money - The O'jays
  11. chinchu

    Classic Instrumentals

    Well I did say it was my own opinion.. Of course everyone thinks of instrumental the way you do... But it's is actually a mistake in my opinion...
  12. chinchu

    Classic Instrumentals

    Sorry to differ from you, but you CAN learn how to sing... Maybe you couldn't learn, just like the thousands of people that try to learn other instruments and fail... The human voice was the first instrument, and it is the purest because is the only natural one... Everything else is artificial...
  13. chinchu

    Classic Instrumentals

    I'm not trying to contradict you all but a voice is also an instrument... So I think every song is "instrumental"... My own opinion... That's all..
  14. chinchu

    Abbey Road - The Beatles

    There was no stress during Abbey Road... Haven't you seen the Beatles Anthology??? That's the great thing about Abbey Road... They got together to make this record simply for the music, leaving all their problems behind...
  15. chinchu

    Best Bass players of all time

    One of the best ever is Mark King from Level 42... Absolutely amazing!!!
  16. chinchu

    Chuck Berry

    Great Line!!!
  17. Here are some of my favorite female voices, like it or not... Celine Dion Donna Summer Whitney Houston Koko Taylor Please, if you're a rocker and you hate Celine Dion, please try to listen to her voice objectively... I like rock too, but I think no rocker voice matches Celine's amazing vocals... Maybe some of you can help me with something: Months ago I heard this Gospel singer from the 60s, but I can't remember her name; She sang in a vocal group and had a really deep, husky voice; african-american of course... Does anyone know her name??? I know I'm not giving too many hints...
  18. chinchu

    Chicago question

    Chicago's first albums are the best, especially Chicago II which is a masterpiece, I may say... But Hearing Chicago through the decades you see how much they change and grow, evolve actually... And that's normal because music changes through the years, and Chicago went along with these changes... YOu know, there are some great ballads from the 80's by Chicago... It doesn't matter what you play, if the band is great, the product will sound great...
  19. chinchu

    Best Keyboard Players of All Time

    Jordan Rudess Chuck Leavell Chick Korea The guy from Toto (I can't remember his name)
  20. chinchu

    Chuck Berry

    I do agree with you with the racial comment... Berry and Little Richard gave way more to Rock and Roll than Elvis...
  21. chinchu

    Best Guitar players of all time

    Steve Howe is amazing!!! I forgot about him...