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  1. I love that quote from MarcM, too. The music picks me...how profound. I think I find something to groove for me from each and every genre.
  2. Well, I bought two at that time: They were Prince's album with I wanna be your lover, and Supertramp's Breakfast in America.
  3. Here are a few: That's what friends are for--Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight, Elton John and Stevie WonderMother and Child Reunion--Paul SimonFamily Reunion--The O'JaysSadie--The SpinnersA Song for Mama--Boys II Men
  4. LOL! That is exactly what I was thinking...imagine that all coming out on Access Hollywood!!
  5. with a Britney CD in her collection?? N'sync owners of Backstreet Boys muisc?? How many of us think that this rivalry thing goes so far, and who else can we add to this list?
  6. Try When You Believe, by Whitney Houstion and Mariah Carey.
  7. Destiny's Child, which then spawned the most annoying Beyonce'Knowles...I'm gonna ralf here. And then Outkast, okay, dude Hey ya, enough already! I got sick of Madonna right after Holiday.
  8. Dim all the lights -Donna SummerSaving all my love for you - Whitney HoustonRock me Tonight for old time's sake - Freddy jacksonTonights the Night, and Love Touch - Rod StewartHeaven - Bryan AdamsStairway to Heaven - The O'jays
  9. Stevie Wonder? Although he's not normally known as a songwriter. I know We Can Work it Out by the Beatles and Blowin'in the Wind by Dylan, but can't but a finger on anything from the Stones...
  10. LOL. hey, I don't know just how interested you are in hearing this guy, but if you go to this link and put Thicke into the search bar, you can click on and sample all the songs from his latest cd..............http://www.bmgmusic.com/index.jhtml
  11. Hey, Dave. I picked the golden thing because it just lends an air of invaluableness to it, if that makes any type of sense. Not that I'm a megalomaniac or anything. LOL!The Ann is like a nickname. (yeah, how about the Goldann Band)? It could work!I'll see if I can get a good link in here for you.
  12. LOL! Maybe he is just not getting the right exposure or something. I know, five years is a while, he should have really been big by now as good as he is. Maybe if he tried an image change...
  13. Try Let the Beat hit 'em, by Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam.Also, I like to sweat to Jump, Jump by kris Kross, Black cat, Pleasure principal and Control by Janet Jackson, Fantasy by Mariah Carey. There are more, but these are my favorites.
  14. Well, that front guys does sort of look like Pete Townshend, but there's no one that remotely looks like Roger Daltrey, so I think that rules out The Who.
  15. hey, could that possibly be Dire Straits? If so, would this be the album including Money For Nothing? I forgot the titel of it...Do I get a cigar?
  16. The son of tv's Alan Thicke, producer of many best-selling artists, has his own unique sound, charisma to boot, AND this guy can sinnngg!!
  17. I don't know if "Papa don't preach" by Madonna would be something you would be llooking for.
  18. Yep, I get what you're saying. But like you said, ELO still one of the best!
  19. Yes! Waterfall and Don't bring me down, too! Awesome...
  20. Ah man. I forgot about CCR, REM and U2! Some of those others I never heard of, but I'm sure they rock. Hey, Dave, I like ELP, but I just can't give them the ups on ELO!! Come on Telephone Line was sweet!
  21. ELO, ARS, LRB, BTO, lol NWA... can anyone think of anymore?Who has the best repertoire?I think I'd go with the Electric Light Orchestra
  22. I forgot I'm in you by Peter frampton, Angel by Jon Secada, and I'm Satisfied by the Bee Gees.
  23. Oh, my! I'm like a kid in a candy store. SO many of my favorites mentioned. Thank you, katiejagger, ALWAYS is the most beautiful, neatly arranged love song to me. And everything I do , I do it for you. Climax Blues Band, I love you.
  24. I like to play the air drums to the sweet intro of I'm Coming Out, by Diana Ross. LOL I'm very good actually.
  25. Listen to your Heart by Roxette and Alone by Heart.I almost thought somebody may have "sampled" somewhere along the line. LOL!
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