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  1. I got yellow submarine fish, because the site messed up my account and I would have had to start my post count all over.
  2. Well, this is a show started by Montley Crue's Tommy Lee, Guns N' Roses Gilby Clarke and Metallicas Jason Newstead. All other than Tommy Lee being their band's rejects need I mention. They want to find a singer for the band. So they have an American Idol style auditions, and votes. Hosted by Dave Navarro and some chick (:PI dont remember her name). The band is going to be absolutely horrible, but some of the singers are good, so it's entertaining.
  3. Zidane must have some kind of temper. Vicious. That headbutt was seriously VICIOUS. It's a wonder they have him taking corners and not heading
  4. Largest outdoor free concert series in Atlantic Canada takes place in Port Hawkesbury itself. Yes, every sunday in the summer we have a concert held for free at our local bandstand. Notables this summer are Matt Barber and The Union Dues, The Stampeders, JOEL PLASKETT EMERGENCY! So if your ever near PHK on a Sunday night, come check out the bands! Complete Schedule here: http://www.granvillegreen.com/
  5. McCartney over Lennon? If you enjoy hearing little girls screaming along, then maybe you'd agree.
  6. The music part of MySpace is awesome! I don't know what you guys have against any of it? How can you call it spam, Mindcrime if the page is CREATED by and for the user? I love just browsing and taking friends links and discovering new songs and even STYLES you didn't know were out there. Is it a zine culture of the 80's? I wouldn't be able to tell you because I dont know what zine is, and I wasn't around then.
  7. I don't know who the producer is, and I'm too lazy to go to my room to check, but Joel Plaskett's Truthfully Truthfully album is certainly incredible.
  8. Don't even try to start it. I am not a big fan of this album, I think his rock and roll era ended after rockin in the free world, maybe the thing with Pearl Jam. AND, lets face it, he isn't American.
  9. Tones For Elvin Jones(live at crossroads guitar fest)-John MAclaughlin Drummer Dennis Chambers and on tablos(spelling) another guy haha
  10. Aaron MacDonald (local guy, listen to him if you get the chance!) Aimee Mann Alanis Morrisette Albert King Alice In Chains Allman Bros Ani Difranco Arcade Fire Arturo Sandoval Audioslave B.B. King The Band Barenaked Ladies Beatles Bedouin Soundclash Ben harper Ben E. King Billy Joel Blind Melon Bluesboys Artists(Bluesboy sent me a cd via snail mail and i didn't take the time to put all the names down) Bob Dylan Bob Marley Bob Segar Charlie Christian Coldplay Cream Crosby Stills Nash Crosby Stills Nash And Young David Byrne Dave Gilmour David Usher Devo Dire Straits Django Reinhardt Doors Eagles Elliott Smith Elvis Costello Eric Clapton Eric Johnson Feeder Foo Fighters Frank Zappa Frank Zappa And The Mothers George Benson Grateful Dead Grease(soundtrack) Heatmiser Hootie And The Blowfish Hot Tuna Incubus Jack Johnson Jackson Browne Jeff Buckley Jeremy Fisher Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Joe Satriani Joel Plaskett The Joel Plaskett Emergency John Fogerty John Lee Hooker John Lennon John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Johnny Cash Johnny Lang K.D. Lang (what are the chances? ^^) Kaki King Keane Keller Williams Kent Kinks Led Zeppelin LOS WOLVERINES(muahahahahaha) Lynyrd Skynyrd Manic Street Preachers Marillion Matthew Good Matthew Good Band Monks (no clue how i have them) Moody Blues Mother Love Bone Muse
  11. Otokichi you like Spyro Gyra!! woo they rule man
  12. Their an indie rock band that consists of two identical twins, tegan and sara, and some other dudes haha. They have some great catchy lyrics and harmonies. What more to say, check em out, it's worth it.
  13. Meh, emo is just a stereotype
  14. I second parachutes as well, because it has the only songs of Coldplays worth listening to. Their other albums are seriously, horrible.
  15. Seven Swans-Sufjan Stevens This album is absolutely incredible. It can make you laugh, cry, smile, dance, sing along and just about anything else you can imagine in one song. The first two songs are extremely low key then it sort of picks up in the third. The fourth, "To Be Alone With You" is possibly the saddest song I've ever heard. From the first chords, it's just incredible. I've never heard a more depressed guitar. The rest of the album continues in that style, an epic song, a sleepy song, an upbeat song, a sad song. And then the title track comes on and is just. . . . incredibly perfect. Then after that, the final song ends the album with an upbeat banjo, and sad lyrics, and it about encompasses the entire album, simply. 1.All the trees of the field will clap their hands 2.That Dress Looks Nice On You 3.The Devil's Territory 4.To be Alone With You 5.Abraham 6.Sister 7.Size Too Small 8.We Won't Need Legs To Stand 9.A Good Man Is Hard To Find 10.He Woke Me Up Again 11.Seven Swans 12.The Transfiguration Sufjan plays all instruments on the album, and he does all the vocals escept the girls in the background of course. Incredible Album.
  16. This is the show that a friend and I set up. 5 bands participated, Los Wolverines, That Guy Dave, Jenn Anderson, Freeway Silence, and Anthem Grace. We recorded the entire show, and gave the band's demos. There are pictures, and there will be a podcast of all the music recorded at: www.phkmusic.tk www.myspace.com/phkmusicexpo (Work in progress) Also, some examples of the music played are (or will be) at www.myspace.com/loswolverines www.myspace.com/genuhfur -Dan & Dan
  17. I'm Canadian, don't forget it, grade 9 is 14-15, I'm 15
  18. This is my newly formed band, although it certainly dsoesn't belong to me. We are called Los Wolverines, and we rock. Drew is an amzing drummer and I'm definetly lucky to be in a band (he's in university and I'm in Grade 9). Trevor writes most of the songs, and he's in grade 12. We have had 2 shows so far, one of which was recorded (I set up the show, made 120 bucks from it ). Go to www.myspace.com/loswolverines to listen to the songs. We will probably record more, because my friend has all the gear, and he's always itching to use it. ROck On!
  19. yeah, except that it will take him till hes 70.
  20. Such a powerful songwriter and vocalist. I want to change my sex just so that I can cover "not a pretty girl". Any fans?
  21. If you like mellow music, this is the man for you. His music will make you cry, laugh, dance, and smile during the same album. he plays an amzing number of instruments, including banjo, guitar, piano, tin whistle, recorder etc. Very 'out there' but very good. Anyone else?
  22. Are you calling Ringo good looking? Who are we kidding, at least here at songfacts people like the bands because of the music. And I also disagree with the fact that there is more image than music now in the past 20 years. To defend modern music, most rockn' roll bands, or blues bands etc. are pretty concentrated on the music.
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