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  1. I dunno about half, but a good quarter
  2. Blind Melon's 2X4 I heard "oh I want to fell her hair" but it is really "Oh What A Feeling" And another blind melon one is From Galaxie I heard "Holding Hash on my every day" They wrote "Hold it high, show me everything"
  3. Because of the tip Elvish, Blind melon-Blind melon self titled
  4. Okay, big post, I'm gonna exagerrate, flip out and be joyful all at the same time. Blind Melon in my opinion, could have been the greatest rock and roll band of the century. I have seen very little to no mention of their names in previous posts, and when i searched their name less than 2 and a half pages came up. Anyone who has not heard Blind Melon should stop what their doing right now, anything, and go out and buy one of their albums, any of them. There is a mighty good chance you will fall in love. Shannon Hoon, i think is one of the greatest writers of the 90's if not the century, he could express so many feelings, his own, such as New Life (Deep inside must defy arrangement I've been a stumblin' from the startin' blocks 'til now), and more global minded themes such as Mouthful of Cavities (Send a lettewr to a friend of mine, tell him how much I used to love to watch him smile, Say I haven't seen him smile in a little while). His voice can pull you up when you are down, I doubt there is a better song than No Rain for that purpose. His death is almost unbearable for me, I could have seen him perform, I could have perhaps met him and told him that he is perhaps the only musician who has meant so muh to me, his lyrics mean something to me, all of his songs, and his voice just brings it out even more I miss you Shannon, Rest In Peace. The rhythm section of Brad Smith and Glen Graham are a perfect match, as are Christopher Thorn and Rogers Stevens on guitar. Discuss anything Melon. MELONHEADS UNITE.
  5. Is that a joke? A couple of good songs? Someone name a bad one
  6. Danielj

    LIVE 8

    I thought the Who were amazing, i dunno what you guys are thinking.He can still scream. And the voice hasnt left him at all . . . actually all the oldies voices are still intact save one. . . . . . . . the glory hog who looked happy because he was lucky enough to actually be taken back by the people he ditched, but who holds grudges?
  7. Danielj

    LIVE 8

    Did no one else catch the Canadian show?
  8. Danielj

    LIVE 8

    Discuss. Canada And England were the two best by far. Pink Floyd comes together, The Who kicked asssssssssssss. Anyone catch the Canadian finish? Neil Young got about everyone involved onstage and played rockin the free world. What could be more appropriate? Everyone in the country I'm sure singing along with all of their hearts. Amazing. I Say we campaign Bob Geldof for King Of The World.
  9. Couldn't have said it better meself. Listen to his unplugged album too, nothing sounds so full of emotion and raw and real as that. But I'd have to say John McLaughlin has the most distinct style. No one sounds like him at all. Robert Lockwood Jr. is pretty distinct sounding too.
  10. You obviously don't play (Said in a dreamy kind of way). Rock n' Roll is guitar based, and guitar is the main instruent. Count how many drum solos and bass solos put together compared to guitar solos.
  11. Tonight was the night I first saw you cry Those tiny little tears Tore a hole in my soul But every time i see you smile My soul is reborn And it makes me grin myself Just knowing you smile for me The thought of you gives me peace each night You push away other troubles in my life Before I met you I never knew love Yeah the thought of you puts me to sleep each night
  12. I might be able to see em this summer
  13. I've always liked Marillions logos. Anyways, I'm headin to the basement for some vynils.
  14. sweet piano solo in The Otherside For MArtha instrumental by the smashing pumpkins. its on the adore demos. Light My Fire, obviously dont like the song, but i love that organ solo
  15. Yes's later stuff. I also think that they should have recorded an unplugged album with just the Grand Piano, Bass, Guitar and singer. Sounds crazy huh. How about Blind Melon! God stupid stupid Shannon Hoon, goes and OD's after coming from rehab and kills a band that could have In my opinion been ther greatest of all time. Finally somebody other than me recognizes Dave from Sum 41's talent! Thank you Batman. Jeff Lynne. I can't stand ELO.
  16. Oh man, I missed a sweet debate. So i'm gonna give my four pennies. First of all, Batman, I do not like your comments on judging that Van Halen is a beginner guitarist. I too am a beginner guitarist and I would not like to be judged like that. Van Halen, your theorys are absolutely ridiculous. Neck-tapping is not the key element of guitar. Neither is speed. Music is about beauty in my opinion. I wonder if Eddie Van Halen or Steve Vai can Fingerpick fast arpeggios or come up with brilliant but simple riffs. Also, I would like to see either of them play the acoustic guitar, and see how their solos sound there compared to, lets say Pink Floyds Wish You Were Here or anything. I'd give them a week to come up with a better song than that on the acoustic guitar. Plus, I learned it 3 months into playing. I recently learned the Stairway To heaven solo on my guitar. A teacher I had couldn't play that, but I definetly do not think I am better than him. he can pick up a guitar and do just about anything with regular chords and make them sound beautiful. Oh and To madman where you said "Steve Vai definetly passes Joe Satriani". I definetly disagree. If you have seen G3 live in denver, you would certainly think of Satriani as the best of these three. He incorrporates all kinds of music, and when tey all jam together, you can see how Vai and Malmsteen look to him for what is happening next. so he doesnt have the loudest or fastest solos, he has the ear-splitting chords, the big finishes and the respect of others. There are so many different factors that make a good guuitarist, if you spent time on a guitar you would realize that as I have. Speed is near the bottom of the list. Thanks, Daniel
  17. stairway to heaven. that solo is just so full of emotion. . . not to mention talent
  18. ONE HOUR AND 22 MINUTES!!!!!!! It's army time.
  19. It might work, if humans were designed to not care about that. But we obviously were.
  20. she means buy* Tomorrow at this time im watching him play God i love that rockon sign
  21. Danielj

    List #8

    Marillion-This Strange Engine Marillion-Afraid OF Sunlight. One of those must be on the list.
  22. Mother of god. This is without a doubt the most unbelieveable rock film ever made. Look at it. Paul Butterfield, into Muddy Waters into Eric Clapton. Everything about it is amazing. Robbie and Clapton going back and forth with smoking guitar solos, Van the man belting everything out, Muddy jumping around on stage, The whole band plus neil just belting out helpless. All the time Hudson just swaying back and forth, Danko just bumping along, Helm giving that mean look and just admiring all the talent. I watched it for the third time while my dad and his friend downed a who quart of corvoisier. piss loaded Anywyas, unbelievable.
  23. Whipping post from Allman Bros. Live fillmore east album is unbelieveable.
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