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  1. How can a nation that takes rounders seriously possibly be expected to appreciate the subtlety of the 'beautiful game'? lol
  2. Whole Wide World Stranger on the Town Plush Killing in the Name Red Morning Light First Cut is the Deepest Bad to the Bone Alfie Importance of being Idle La Grange
  3. "Yeah, alot of people around here are brushing it off there shoulder..." Psycho, did you mean to phrase it like that?
  4. 1. 'Stranger on the Town' - The Damned 2. 'Whole Wide World' - Wreckless Eric
  5. Anybody else think she looks just like Michael Stipe now?
  6. Somebody is praying for a child living overseas...
  7. I nominate my Grammy for the most marbles at 97 award.
  8. Hi BF, EA, Soooooo busy at the moment with work and stuff. My internet playtime is negligable nowadays unfortunately - just the odd foray here and MySpace for my sins.... Glad to see the highbrow conversation and thought-provoking discussion continues here! lol BF - I don't have the time to widen my circle....
  9. Is this a 'Who' reference, or are you really pitched up on Clapham Common watching the rough trade and tramps?
  10. BTW Marc, where is 'Tommy's Holiday Camp'?
  11. Kevin, from what I've heard, a good looking young buck like myself would doubtless encounter weeks of agony in Alabama irrespective of the weather... Now, where's me banjo?
  12. It must depend on whether the particular conflict is justified in one's own eyes. For example, if I were an English civilian in WWII I would have been reluctant to die in Poland in 1939, a bit miffed at the prospect of a bullet in France in 1940, yet would have felt prepared to 'stop one' should Germany have invaded my country. The liberation of Europe in 1943/45 was wholly justified, and by that point I would have probably been in the forces anyhow... Now, if I were German, Italian, Romanian or Japanese... my opinion would have depended upon the extent of political brainwashing I had recieved....
  13. Likewise... I wouldn't want to die to satisfy a politician's wish to be remembered!
  14. I have a 12" but I don't use it as a rule....
  15. As a totally irrelevant aside, a mate of mine went to LA to seek fame and fortune as a singer in a 5 piece rock combo, the band split and he ended up watering plants and chopping coke for Rock Hudson's widow... Beat that for irrelevant if you dare!
  16. I'd say out of the Human League...
  17. I should like to congratulate the Aussie cricket team on their regaining the Ashes. Next time we will field a better team... lol
  18. Has anybody mentioned 'Stranger on the Town' by the Damned yet?
  19. Oi, Leeds boy! - I will indeed have a listen.
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