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  1. When I was younger we used to come back from the pub to friends houses and listen to music until we dropped. I remember an album by BB King, Albert King and John Lee Hooker as one a mate had and it was amazing, but I can't remember what it was called. Anybody know? Regards
  2. DiggsUK


    If you like that, have a listen to the 'His n' Hers' Album - my personal Pulp favourite. And if you like that, have a listen to 'Showbiz' by CUD. A natural progression I think and well worth the effort. Regards
  3. That paints a picture I like to have over my breakfast! Regards
  4. What about Bernard Butler & Johnny Marr? Regards
  5. I'm with you on ELO. One of the most innovative 'big bands' ever I reckon. 'Out Of The Blue' is a must. Isn't Jeff Lynne 'Master of the Queen's Music' now? Regards
  6. Best intro ever has to be 'Sweet Gene Vincent' by Ian Dury & The Blockheads - gawd rest his soul. Regards
  7. I saw Thin Lizzy in about 1980 at the Milton Keynes Bowl (an ironically named venue if ever there was one). Top live band. Whilst the exact name escapes me, the best Thin Lizzy album I had on tape was 'Johnny the Fox' or something similar. One of those you wish you had bought the record. Regards
  8. If you like funny songs with an edge, you must listen to The Macc Lads. Sense of humour and lack of PC sensibility required though. I suggest 'Beer & Sex & Chips & Gravy' as their finest moment. Regards
  9. I go through Tom Waits periods. At the moment my favourite is 'Blue Valentine'. I also like a bit of 'Bob', particularly the 1st two albums due to their simplicity and singalongability in the car. Regards
  10. 'Berlin' is a cracking album as well. As is 'New York', but from the later period. Talented chap. Regards
  11. Of that era, Lou Reed's 'Rock & Roll Animal' is my favourite. Regards
  12. Mark E Smith of The Fall. Probably the most distinctive voice in popular music. Regards
  13. DS, I know what you mean. Regards
  14. Like someone scraping rust from an iron lung, I reckon. A cure for 'R & B' though. Regards
  15. Hey In Heaven, your taste is v. similar to mine! What about 'New Rose' by the Damned, 'Whisky in the Jar' by Thin Lizzy and 'Blockbuster' by The Sweet? Regards
  16. I'm sure we all know a 'Gareth' - mid twenties, lives with his parents, an unhealthy interest in militaria, probably gay but doesn't know it yet and frightened of women. Will almost certainly climb to a middle management position and go no further. Great script and frighteningly intuitive characterisation. Regards
  17. The TA is our part-time army, comprising civilians who train a few times a year for a bit of money and some time off work. The regular forces describe them as 'weekend warriors'. The TA does however get sent to nasty places such as Iraq, to perform support roles. My old History teacher was an Captain in the TA, and I think he only did it for the uniform and to handle a big weapon from time to time. The regular army is being scaled down in size whilst the TA is getting larger - a reflection of our Government's desire to spend less on the military whilst maintaining a body of available man(and women)power for human scale conflicts of the sort likely to occur in the forseeable future. For another good comedy, check out 'The Royle Family'. Regards
  18. I like a bit of Gregory Isaccs too - the 'Night Nurse' album being my favourite. My mum used to iron to this when I was a kid. Regards
  19. The original Album had a poster of all the ladies too. I've still got mine, and if you like 'proper' women you will understand how it kept many a spotty youth entertained years ago! The tale about the bike company not wanting the bikes back is true apparently. Something to do with thin leather saddles and .....oh god, here we go again.... Regar......ds
  20. A bit violent for the kids though, DS. Did you see Jimmy Cliffe on 'Buzzcocks' that time? Lamarr nearly wet himself! Regards
  21. DiggsUK

    Worst film?

    Anything with an Australian playing a Scot or an American, in a Hollywood attempt to re-write history at the expense of the truth.....plenty to choose from then! Regards
  22. The amazing thing about Blackadder is the collection of actors. Probably the greatest assembly of British comedians ever in my opinion. If you like Blackadder, check out 'The Young Ones' and 'Bottom/Hotel Paradiso' (Ric Mayall, who plays 'Flash'), and anything with Stephen Fry. Stephen Fry is a latter day Oscar Wilde. Shove-piggy-shove anybody? Regards
  23. I prefer the intro to 'Highway Star', especially the live version. John Lord at his absolute best. Regards
  24. My youngest lad thinks it is 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Astravan', and whenever he sees a Vauxhall Astra van he asks if Harry is inside! Strange little fellow! Regards
  25. Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers Regards
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