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  1. Check the link i mentioned earlier!It's hilarious.. The Blackadder series has a pretty strong fan following, and episode scripts are easily available online..pity that it lasted only four seasons.. :: Edmund Blackadder goes to visit the Wise Woman in Putney and asks a Young Crone for information E: Tell me Young crone, is this Putney? C: That it be, that it be. E: "Yes it is". Not "that it be". You don't have to talk in that stupid voice to me. I'm not a tourist. I seek information about a Wisewoman. C: Ah, the Wisewoman.. the Wisewoman. E: Yes, the Wisewoman. C: Two things, my lord, must thee know of the Wisewoman. First, she is... a woman, and second, she is ... E: .. wise? C: You do know her then? E: No, just a wild stab in the dark which is incidentally what you'll be getting if you don't start being a bit more helpful. Do you know where she lives? C: Of course. E: Where? C: Here. Do you have an appointment? E: No. C: Well, you can go in anyway. E: Thank you Young crone. Here is a purse of money... which I'm not going to give to you.
  2. No idea- got shoddy treatment in India- appeared only once on tv, at some ridiculous hour....*bangs head on wall* Edmund Blackadder becomes worried about the feelings he is getting for his manservant, Bob, who is actually a cunningly disguised good-looking girl called Kate, and goes to the doctors. D: Now then what seems to be the trouble? E: Well, it is my man servant. D: I see. Well don't be embarrassed if you got the pocks. Just pop your man servant on the table and we'll take a look at him. E: No, I mean, it is my real man servant. D: Ah, ah. And what is wrong with him? E: There is nothing wrong with him. That is the problem. He's perfect and last night I almost kissed him. D: I see. So you started fancying boys then, have you? E: Not boys. A boy. D: Yes, well let's not split hairs. It is all rather disgusting and naturally you're worried. E: Of course I'm worried. D: Well, of course you are. It isn't every day a man wakes up to discover he's a screaming bender with no more right to live on Gods clean earth than a weazle. Ashamed of your self? E: Not really, no. D: Bloody hell! I would be. But still why should I complain? Just leaves more rampant totty for us real men, eh? E: Look, am I paying for this personal abuse or is it extra? D: No, it's all part of the service. I think you're in luck though. An extraordinary new cure has just been developed for exactly this kind of sordid problem. E: It wouldn't have anything to do with leeches, would it? D: I had no idea you were a medical man. E: Never had anything you doctors didn't try to cure with leeches. A leech on my ear for ear ache, a leech on my bottom for constipation. D: They're marvellous, aren't they? E: Well, the bottom one wasn't. I just sat there and squashed it. D: You know the leech comes to us on the highest authority? E: Yes. I know that. Dr. Hoffmann of Stuttgart, isn't it? D: That's right, the great Hoffmann. E: Owner of the largest leech farm of Europe. D: Yes. Well, I cannot spend all day gossiping. I'm a busy man. As far as this case is concerned I have now had time to think it over and I can strongly recommend a course of leeches. E: Yes. I 'll pop a couple down my codpiece before I go to bed. D: No, no, no, no. Don't be ridiculous. This isn't the dark ages. Just pop four in your mouth in the morning and let them dissolve slowly. In a couple of weeks you 'll be beating your servant with a stick, just like the rest of us. ::
  3. The contents of the breifcase serve no real purpose but to motivate the characters advance the plot.This is called a Macguffin, a term invented by Alfred Hitchcock, since he used such devices in his films extensively. The plot is woven around what happens because of the briefcase, and has nothing to do with it's contents. another example of a macguffin is in the movie North by Northwest. In this movie, the MacGuffin is the character of "George Kaplan", who is being chased by the enemy spies. Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant)is mistaken for Kaplan by the spies, and so they chase him instead. Thornhill spends the course of the movie trying to find George Kaplan himself without realizing that George Kaplan does not even exist. Both the hero and the villains of the movie are chasing nothing more than a puff of hot air, making this a true MacGuffin. Interesting, isn't it? I came across this article ages ago, and had to google to find it again, so that i could get the definition of a 'Macguffin' right.
  4. If you couldn't catch the black adder series on tv- check out this link- some seriously funny quotes Sarcasm at it's best. P.s: you don't need to have any background info on the series to enjoy these. http://homepage.eircom.net/~odyssey/Quotes/Popular/TV/Blackadder.html
  5. Brit Humour has always been a class apart, and although the Monty Python bunch did come up with one of the funniest movies i've ever seen - MP and the Holy Grail, The Black Adder series was definitely the best thing to come out of those stiff upper-lipped folks. Rowan Atkinson amazes me- i cannot stand the Bean series, but when he has something to say(quite a bit in the black adder), he steals the show.
  6. Love Me Two Times- by The Doors Alive- Pearl Jam Battle Of Evermore- Led Zeppelin
  7. Is it just me or are TOOL videos seriously arbit...i haven't managed to find the connection between the SCHISM video and the lyrics ..anyone with an explanation? APC rocks!Thanks to Maynard, they sound pretty much like TOOL, only more melodious... Mer De Noms is a brilliant album- it's tough to choose one 'favorite' song..
  8. The Doors Also Led Zeppelin. Can't Quite Decide..
  9. Tried to mention diverse bands and types of music, keeping in mind that pulling off a decent cover may be an entirely different ball game.. Owner Of A Lonely Heart- YES You Really Got Me- The Kinks 1979- Smashing Pumpkins Why Does It Always Rain On Me?- TRAVIS High and Dry- Radiohead Schism- Tool Magdalena- A Perfect Circle Killing In The Name Of- Rage Against The Machine Scar Tissue- Red Hot Chilli Peppers 5:15- The Who Evenflow- Pearl Jam Whole Lotta Love- Led Zeppelin Salvation - Cranberries No Rain - Blind Melon Song 2- Blur Love Me Two Times - The Doors I Just Want To Celebrate- Grand Funk Railroad Short Skirt, Long Jacket- Cake Hitchin' A Ride- Green Day When The Levee Breaks- Led Zeppelin Plateau- Nirvana Every Me, Every You- Placebo Letting The Cables Sleep- Bush These are songs that you shouldn't attempt unless one of your band members plays the violin, mandolin or flute.. Bittersweet symphony- The Verve Locomotive Breath- Jethro Tull Battle Of Evermore- Led Zeppelin I could just go on and on..
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