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  1. By that my little swamp duck, are you implying I am a brat? Regards
  2. I prefer the Ramones for driving but the Clash for listening in the house. I never got to see the Clash, but I did see the Ramones. Incidently my kids prefer the Ramones. My eldest (7) likes Blitzkrieg Bop whilst my 5 year old likes Beat On The Brat. My toddler has yet to express a preference, but I suspect she will go with White Man At Hammersmith Palais or else White Riot.... Regards
  3. "Dirty old men" ? You cad, Darryl.... Expressing appreciation of the female form without grunts, swearing or demeaning references to body parts does not qualify one for dirty old man status surely? Rather it shows our sensitive side and true English refinery methinks.... Regards
  4. To what do you allude, JG? Come to think of it though, the flipside of Alison Clarkson in that black dress should be enough to make the most ardent southerner heterosexual... Regards
  5. BF, you are a man after my own heart. Rattling one's onions with the excitement of being caught was always a feature of my young love-life too. I remember doing the do to Betty Boo in a girlfriend's bedroom once, whilst the parents were watching telly downstairs. The old man came upstairs as I was onto the vinegar strokes and knocked on the door, asking "are you kids alright in there? You've gone awfully quiet!", to which a strained "yes Dad, we are trying on shoes" came the reply. It was a load of cobblers of course, but I can't think of Ms Boo without imagining her dad walking downstairs wondering why we were trying on shoes whilst shagging! Regards
  6. Best wishes Sue. How old are you? Regards
  7. Any place she wants judging by the scary photo on the cover of my copy of White Punks On Dope! Now, if Mr Fitter chose to woo her by gargling German whilst dining on furry pumpernickle he would get my vote as a very brave man.... Regards
  8. I would imagine blurting out any sentence in German whilst recumbant beneath Mrs Fitter would kill the moment - unless she is a Wagnerian in which case she may start calling for your horned helmet... Oddly, reminds me of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Are you perchance related to Elmer Phudd? Regards
  9. Mr Fitter, does that mean you can speak three languages with a woman sat on your face? Regards
  10. True Daryl. On second thoughts given the temperature today I may cause a few laughs and sympathetic looks instead! I still feel those 'bad boys' with their leather, studs and makeup look daft instead of scary, and possibly a little camp too.... Regards
  11. Sorry Daryl, nobody else looked or sounded like Bros.... Whats with the pseudo Alice Cooper/Prince of Darkness makeup on the photos? Is that supposed to frighten people? I could run up and down the street in my dressing-gown showing my todger and scare more folk!!! Regards Regards
  12. I remember seeing Tangerine Dream many years ago, on tour with a band called Camel. Not the stuff adolescent dreams are made of!!! Regards
  13. I don't have one, but I know a man wot does. Try using Guiness as a medium for beef he says... Regards
  14. A merry Christmas one and all.... Thanks everybody for the entertainment you have given me over the year. May your turkey burps be full and your rubbish sacks extensive. Regards xxx
  15. Coldplay - particularly their current offerings. Chris Martin is trying the 'less is more' route with his lyrics backed by a 'lighter in the air bring back Simple Minds' stadium feel. It falls flat IMO. Then again, anything requiring one to hoist a lighter with thousands of like-minded souls shouting for over-produced, overplayed Virgin Radio tunes, puts me right off.... Freebird! Freebird! Regards
  16. 'The First Cut Is The Deepest', particularly the version by Rod Stewart always gets to me for personal reasons. Silly that a song sung by a leopard-print 'Peter Stringfellow' Scot can bring a grown man to tears if alone and contemplative of past love lost..... Regards
  17. I like a bit of Joy Division, but not too struck on New Order though. Those three albums are essentially it..... Funnily enough I like to listen to Joy Division in the car at night when I am on my own. It reminds me of how good it is to arrive. Regards
  18. Q5 is 'jump' or 'jumping' methinks... Regards
  19. Q1 - Simple Minds? I am really stuck on this one Daryl, and I feel that I should know it.... Regards
  20. Q4 - Slade! Yes, yes, yes, yes........ Regards
  21. Thinking back to my long-haired funky-moped riding youth, I would suggest Tokyo Tapes by Scorpions, and the double live LP by UFO, the name of which escapes me. I am a bit confused by the gendre now though, as to me 'metal' means Anthrax, Metallica and the like, and most of the older bands no longer fit the description. Regards
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