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  1. I know that there WAS a topic about the top 10 sad songs not too long ago here but I want the real heavy duty memories of the tear jerkers you know the songs that make you want to commit Heri Keri ! LOL or at the very least stick your head in the toilet and drown oneself ! LOL again ! I can remember a few like Teri Jacks " Seasons in the Sun " then there was Abba's "One of US " or how about Wayne Newtons tribute to Elvis called "The Elvis Letter" near impossible to locate anymore now that WinMx Is gone! There are SOOOOOOOO Many I could go on quite a while here but the point is not to list mine but to hear what yours are right? Maybe there is something still out there I would likle to hear myself and missed it? Go ahead and list any you think will qualify ..... Mike....
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