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  1. I like this album too. The best one from MSP I reckon. Am I the only one who can't make out a word he sings though? Except something about Elvis at Blackpool... and Australia... Regards. Soulgirl - get to bed - this is your dad calling!!!
  2. Kevin, is that you in the frock? Regards
  3. It still will be, instead forming the base-course of somebody's driveway! Regards
  4. I had a genuine piece, retrieved by me a year after the fall. I went to East Berlin (as was) on a college trip, and spent a week in what used to be a Stazi (secret police) building. I shared a cell with a chain-smoking alcoholic who developed spectacular sh*ts during the trip. The funniest moment was seeing a big steroid shotputter of a nurse fight her way through the smoke and soiled underpants, pull down his kecks and stab him with a 6" needle. I don't think it had anything to do with his illness, more a misguided sense of fun on her part! I digress. The chunk of concrete and spraypaint lived in my loft until I moved house. I threw it away. Regards
  5. If you think about it, it is exported films, television etc that form racial stereotypes. We have Warty Owls, Benny Hill, Are You Being Served and others to thank for ours. Aussies have Neighbours & Home and Away, Japan has those extreme endurance shows.... I assume references to monkey-spanking are still allowed, as mine hasn't disappeared (yet).... Regards
  6. On the odd occasion between Teletubbies, Postman Pat et al I do catch bits of American Idol. Unlike BF I have met quite a few Americans in my time - hell I've even been there on a couple of occasions, and my view is that the programme is a pastiche of Americana. It is unfortunate for you Americans that programmes like this exist and are exported, as the rest of the world see's these self-obsessed, pouting, obsessively christian 'cartoon' characters as representative, when in fact they are not.... You know that, I know that but the impressionable of the world do not... Simon Cowell despite being a high-waisted devotee of Onan is by far the most credible judge IMO. Regards
  7. If you recall it was your fellow countrymen with the fruit fetish... Over here we have only small apples and hard pears... Regards
  8. Thanks Kev mate, I'm shure you sing like a skylark too.... Regards
  9. Jimmy Somerville hit the high notes.... Regards
  10. Tis true. Many men 'go to Thailand' from this country. It is the source of many a middle-aged man's kicks, not to mention the heroin.... Regards
  11. My grandad has a version in his shed, by ICI if I recall.... Regards
  12. Struth! BA Robertson, the old Shakespeario... Remembering him is a tad queerio. Regards
  13. Thursday is the day, 08.00 the appointed time... It is a teaching hospital so I expect an audience and applause when I pass out....
  14. Thanks BF. Small spuds in comparison with other's woes, but I am not looking forward to it all the same. Coincidently a bloke I know is on the same list, so I will have a hand to hold (we may end up holding each other's) at least..... Regards
  15. Ignore the spurious praises of people who make money out of inventing 'the next big thing'. The band are worth a listen, especially if you like South Yorkshire dialect.... Regards
  16. Nowt either, but Leslie Phillips would be good too. Regards
  17. Methinks said geezer alludes to Columbian marching powders... Or he could just be pulling your wire... Regards
  18. Tee hee! Tinita Tickertape is a man didn't you know, later to appear in The Budda of Suburbia and Holby City.... Regards
  19. You've been had BF! Duran Duran remain in the service of the horned, teflon geezer. Witness their recent performance at 'Old Gits Save The World (again)'. Simon LeBon's pout is more reminiscent of an old dog's bottom pre-poot than ever! I find myself strangely drawn to the S&M pixies that are Depeche Mode, of that era... Japan weren't half bad either IMO. Regards
  20. It'd have to catch me first, big boy! BTW the Yugo was the only car I could hire in LA with proper gears! I believe you call it an 'H' or something?
  21. I'll look forward to that. I spent my early teens listening to Joy Division, and will be interested to see how they portray Curtis. Lets hope the actor can do the Ian Curtis dance! Regards
  22. Daryl, do you mean Butterfingers Jones, our greatest ever player from Papua New Guinea? The Goodies bit is spot on. Tim Brooke-Taylor had a thing for 'Livvy too. Regards
  23. Eeh, takes me back Daryl! I had a bit of a thing for the little Aussie minx you know.... Regards
  24. Chicks like you wouldn't believe baby! Mainly in white coats, or else rocking backwards and forwards whilst drooling...... Regards
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