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  1. Fillmore East 1968 My son was given this poster after party-ers left it behind at his grandma's vacation rental.
  2. I remember this John Mayall show (also Mother Earth, and the New York Rock And Roll Ensemble). Mayall and Jon Mark & Johnny Almond played stuff from the "Turning Point" album, before it was released. And we talked to Mayall outside after the show (Well, actually, my friend said "Great Show!" to him, and Mayall replied "Thank you" before he got into a neat old limo).
  3. " From England ": early US appearance for Pink Floyd.
  4. Big Brother & The Holding Company brought Janis Joplin into the spotlight. The Miller Blues Band evolved into The Steve Miller Band.
  5. Thanks bluesboy! I was in high school and college in the San Francisco Bay Area during the late 60s and early 70s, and went to many shows at those venues [Avalon Ballroom, (original) Fillmore Auditorium, Fillmore West, Winterland ]. The early Quicksilver (Messenger Service) is one of my all-time favorites. I've never seen Bo Diddley live, though, unfortunately.
  6. (Old) Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco 1966 . Grateful Dead . James Cotton Blues Band . Lothar & The Hand People
  7. Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco 1966
  8. Check out this site dedicated to the life and work of the late Rick Griffin (<)
  9. bazooka

    RIP Rodney

    We'll probably hear quite a bit of this "rarity" over the next few days. Here's an interesting confession from Rodney, that I included in a "rap" thread a while back.
  10. Taking this thread to another planet (New Jersey): Joe Piscopo (comedian, bodybuilder, philanthropist & possible candidate for Garden State governor) did the definitive impression of the "Chairman of the Board" on Saturday Night Live, using the Sinatra style on very unusual material. Piscopo currently tours with a big band tribute to Sinatra (playing it straight, it appears) I also fondly remember Joe's hilarious parody of Michael Jackson's Thriller video, in an HBO Special from way back when (He turns into something other than a werewolf).
  11. Actually, it's part of a gag from the National Lampoon. But here's an amusing true story about the song Paul wrote for Frank.
  12. Excellent suggestion, bluesboy. I remember this "We Came To Play" album fondly. Every song is just right. My vinyl is all gone now, but I need to get that CD. Frank Zappa helped The Persuasions get recognized. A while back (I think after Zappa died), The Persuasions made an album of Zappa songs (acapella, of course). I've only heard one tune from it, but it seems like something Zappa fans would really enjoy.
  13. I'm not a big fan of Foreigner (don't like the voice of lead singer Lou Gramm), but I heard the song Urgent today and was amazed by the sax solo. No wonder. I checked and found the sax on that song came from the fantastic Junior Walker. Nobody's mentioned Junior Walker & The All Stars' hits Shotgun, (I'm A) Road Runner, and Cleo's Back.
  14. Allen Toussaint (<) is an under-recognized musical genius, prolific songwriter and producer. His horn arrangments are lengendary. The saxophone work on Last Train and Country John from the "Southern Nights" album (1975) is particularly memorable. "Southern Nights" is only available on CD as a Japanese import, but both songs are included on the US "Toussaint Collection" put together from his four 1970s LPs.
  15. You might like Till There Was You from "The Music Man". Robert Preston (and Shirley Jones -again) sang it in the movie. Oddly enough, The Beatles covered it.
  16. (If I Had) Saxophones by Jimmy Buffet. "Big baritones, cleaning up the muddy breaks".. In the end, he gets them.
  17. Compared To What by Eddie Harris (with Les McCann, piano) 1969 sax classic from the "Swiss Movement" album recorded at the Montreaux Jazz Festival
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