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  1. Movies that make me laugh till my stomach hurts are the best. I know that whenever I need a good laugh all I need to watch is "Dumb and Dumber." Yah I know it can also be called "cheesy humor" but anyone who knows what I'm talking about knows what I mean.
  2. Ya know, that's what I thought too...at first. But i listened, and the way this song is done is great. Don't go into it expecting to hear a regurgitation of a Beatles song. Matt Dusk takes a great melody, and makes it really unique. Seriously, check it out at mattdusk.com, you might change your mind.
  3. Hi everyone, The Beatles rock! However while interning at Unversal I heard about this upcoming jazz singer Matt Dusk doing a rendition of 'Please Please Me." Anyone else heard about this guy? I briefly heard his voice on his website, he sounds like Sinatra.
  4. Matt Dusk is an artist that I hard while working at Universal, and I thought I would share his name with the rest of you because he is about to blow up. He is 24 years old, very talented, and is a character on Fox's new TV show "The Casino" . An interesting fact about his CD: His song "Two Shots", which is also the title of his CD, was originally written by Bono from U2 for Sinatra to record, but Bono asked Matt to record it when Sinatra died before he had a chance to. Bono thought he would sound most like Sinatra. Also, there is a cover of The Beatles "Please, Please Me" on this
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