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  1. Hey Mike you were right on the mark! I just bought a book on Pink Floyd cover art. Storm Thorgerson wrote that the idea for the beds comes from two sources: 1) The lyric in "Yet another Move" which read "A vison of an empty bed" Storm changed the concept to become a 'vision of empty beds'. 2) The second was the 'river' idea. Basically the lonely rower picture in Momentary Lapse of Reason was a reworking of the lone swimmer in the sand dunes in Wish You Were Here. Add the two together and you get a 'River of Beds'. There is nothing in the book that denotes importance of the dog
  2. No it wasnt a figment of your imagination. The song is by Tommy Tutone, and is called CHEAP DATE. Tommy is best known for his popular hit "867-5309/Jenny". Here is a link to the album on AMAZON .
  3. Lawrence Welk! Just Kidding Pink Floyd all the way!
  4. GRC is a credible site! How did you find out about it? I found out about it from my computer guru best friend. Since then, I have been suggesting people take the Shields UP test-also on the GRC site-to find out where there computer ranks on security. I dont have a problem with pop ups or messenger pop ups. I just thought I would pass this along to people that have the problem. Cheers! ::
  5. Have you checked your system resources immediately after rebooting or starting up, and then compared it to your % after being online and opening up pictures etc? When you did the ctrl alt delete thing, was this right after start up? Ya know, I found this site: [ LINK ]. And it confirms that Win 98 and ME are pretty much the same. With that in mind, (I am a former WIN 98 user) here is where your problem lies... System resources are consumed by applications, and system resources are not returned to the system after ending-the only way to get them back is to reboot the system-or
  6. Is it USHER? I recently read that he has three hits in the top ten. Whether or not one #1 hit was displaced by a second #1 hit (as your original question asked) I do not know.
  7. Do any of you get pop ups that look like this: If so, to disable it follow the instructions on this site: LINKY POO Sorry Jason, Messenger Service on Win 98 and ME can not be disabled. That's what you call bad karma coming back to get you for all that pirated software you have! :: ! Cindy, and Catherine, you're next! PS Jayson, did you ever try going into MSCONFIG to reduce items on start up to free your system resources?
  8. OK, that didn't take long... How about Alan Jacksons, "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning"? It's Country so consider yourself 'warned'! ""...I'm just a singer of simple songs; I'm not a real political man I watch CNN, but I'm not sure I can tell you the difference in Iraq and Iran But I know Jesus and I talk to God And I remember this from when I was young Faith, Hope and Love are some good things He gave us And the greatest is Love."
  9. Well, for classical music you can use Beethovens "Ode to Joy". This is one of my favorites. Unfortunately it is not sung in English so unless you have a way of presenting the English translation is such a way to make an impact the point is going to be lost. If its going to be a small group you can rent Herbert Von Karajan's DVD and turn on the subtitles. ? Anyway, here is the translation to the closing of the composition: "...Be embraced, all ye millions! With a kiss for all the world! Brothers, beyond the stars Surely dwells a loving Father. Do you kneel before Him, oh m
  10. Holy CAH RAP, I swear it was a lot easier to find songs NOT to play at a wedding rather than come up with some suggestions for you. OK, here is my list, but keep in mind some of these may not fit 100% they are just songs I am going to throw out there to give you some ideas. The list: Songs about Friendship: You?re my Best Friend ? Queen (My best suggestion in this category.) Thank You ? Dido With a Little Help From my Friends ? The Beatles Kind and Generous ? Natalie Merchant Other songs to consider: Dance the Night Away, or Dreams by Van Halen I Hope You Dance ? Lee Ann Womac
  11. Hi Melissa welcome to the SongFacts. The song you are looking for is SOLD (The Grundy County Auction) by John Michael Montgomery. If you listen to country radio his next hit "Letters From Home" is getting a lot of airplay and is also a good song.
  12. Do you or anyone else have any info on this pic? It looks very interesting.
  13. Here is the picture:
  14. Well, I prefer the legal, legit route so I am using MusicMatch. It downloads in a Windows Media Format which also plays in my car and home stereo. Ideally, I would prefer a LEGAL mp3 download site, though. On the same subject, does anyone have a music player that plays CD?s without the second gap between songs? For instance, CD?s like Queensryche Operation Mindcrime; Pink Floyd?s The Wall and many others have songs that are ?stitched? together so the song changes but the music continues playing. Well, if I play these CD?s on my computer the MM player always put a one second gap of s
  15. There is a song by Kenny Chesney, called "The Good Stuff" that is similar to what you describe. Here is part of the lyrics: Well, Me and My lady had our first big fight So I drove around till I saw the Neon Light The Corner Bar. It just seemed right so I pulled up. Not a soul around but the old Barkey down at the end lookin' half asleep but he walked up and said What'll it be? I said the good stuff. He didn't reach around for the whiskey. He didn't pour me a beer. His blue eyes kinda went misty. He said You can't find that here. Cause its the first long kiss on a second date. Mommas
  16. The movie I am about to suggest is obviously NOT an entry to the 'best of' category, but I just want to know how many people remember it. The movie is, "Cotton Candy". It was released in 1978 (I was ten years old at the time). Very odd stuff I am finding out about this movie as we speak... It was directed by Ron Howard! You know the guy from "Happy Days". Ron's brother, Clint Howard, played the lead in their group. Wow, what a flashback! Has anyone else seen this movie?
  17. Yup, American Graffiti is an excellent choice! Columbia House had the two disc soundtrack on clearance for $3 one time. My eyes nearly popped out of my head, I couldnt believe it. Unfortunately, due to the usual SNAFU I couldnt order it online. ::
  18. OMG, I can see it now... a year from now Jayson is the first person to reach 5,000 posts and is given the heralded title of 'Shamu', and becomes the 'coolest whale in the ocean'!
  19. Oh yeah... another one I am guilty of is "Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly)" by the Icicle Works. Ouch, did I just admit that on a public forum?
  20. Step by step, heart to heart, left right left, we all fall down like TOY SOLDIERS. Anyone remember that one hit wonder by Martika?
  21. Don't laugh, there are still die hard dial up 'old timers' out there. It doesnt make sense to pay more money for a faster connection if you dont spend that much time on the net. I am a recent high speed surfer-resisted at all costs-now I know I can NEVER ever go back to dial up. My brother has dial up and when I use his computer, it seriously makes my head hurt!!! ::
  22. Oh my, I feel sorry for all those people on dial up waiting for those 2mb pictures to load! Ouch! Nice pics by the way. I will post one when I find a good one. ::
  23. You probably wont believe this but I just found out today that the book The Holy Road (sequel to Dances With Wolves) was published way back in 2002! Where was I when this happened? Why did it take me this long to find out, and buy the book? Has anyone read the book? The reviews on Amazon are really interesting. I cant find any information when the sequel will be filmed, but Pacifica Film Developement bought the rights to the film and announced last year that Kevin Costner will NOT be in the sequel. Dam! I wonder how many others will not be returning too? Amazon book rev
  24. Portland Rose Festival Concert Series June 4-13. Among the headliners are Dave Mason (2004 Rock and Roll of Fame inductee), Violent Femmes, The Presidents of the USA, Andy Griggs, The Katinas, Carmen Jara, Pinmonkey, Amanda Perez, and, the Ying Yang Twins. Those are just the headliners. Keep checking the link for the full schedule, as there will be more great talent added along the way (hopefully Bart Ferguson will return this year too). If you haven?t been to the Rose Festival yet, this is a two+ month long celebration with a variety of events: parades, music, fireworks, amusemen
  25. Thanks Amy, and Ken. Amy.... ewww Tchaikovsky has always been a composer I wanted to get into. And Ken, your suggestion of "Con Ti Partiro" even though its opera is still a great suggestion. This song actually has dramatic effect for me.... while working at Caesars in Vegas, I went to the Bellaggio on a lunch break. As you probably do or do not know the fountains at the Bellaggio sychronize music to water shows. Anyway, go figure, the first water show I was blown away by was the duet with Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman Con Ti Partiro (Time to Say Goodbye). Man that water show stopped
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