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  1. I believe this song is a product of the early 80's. The title is (I'm a )Cheap Date. I want to find the name of the band and the year it was made but I've yet to even find someone who's heard it before! It wasn't that obscure of a song. Here are some of the lyrics in hopes that it will ring a bell. Thanks for your help. Well, hey, Junior, it's me again I ain't seen you around Well now, where you been? Where you been? Got the key to my old man's Ranchero Gonna take it for a spin You know now Won't cost you a cent Cuz I'm a cheap date Won't cost you a cent Cuz I'm a cheap date Now, whaddya say (Joan/Joe?) I heard that your daddy died That's why I thought to call I wanted to say I'm sorry Six stories was a long way to fall Well, hey, Junior, he's gone now Six months in the grave Let that memory go Let it go.....
  2. One of the best songs ever: 'Come Rain or Come Shine' sung by Ray Charles. It was my wedding song 12 years ago and I still get chills when I hear it. Please give it a try. I know you won't be sorry.
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