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  1. I'm not sure about John Deacon but I know Brian May and Roger Taylor provided backup vocals for their songs.
  2. Your Time is Gonna Come Communication Breakdown Friends That's the Way Over the Hills and Far Away Nobodys Fault But Mine Carouselambra And I'll add a third vote for When the Levee Breaks, great song.
  3. Besides what has already been mentioned, here's a few more: Willie Dixon - "I am the Blues" Little Walter - "His Best : The Chess 50th Anniversary Collection" Otis Spann - "Blues Never Die" B.B. King - "Live in Cook County Jail" Buddy Guy - "A Man and the Blues"
  4. The Spanish cover of Sticky Fingers.
  5. How about "Am I Evil" by Diamond Head and later covered by Metallica which definitely borrows from "Mars the Bringer of War" by Holst.
  6. An early Fleetwood Mac album, "English Rose", long before they went MOR.
  7. "The Gilded Palace of Sin" is a great album. The song "Sin City" is one of my favorites. Parsons was also a member of The Byrds for a brief time and was largely responsible for their shift towards country music with the "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" album.
  8. The Beatles "Come Together" - Here come old flat-top he come grooving up slowly. borrowed from Chuck Berry's "You Can't Catch Me" - Here come old flat-top He was movin' up with me. There was a lawsuit involved. Check out the songfact for "Come Together".
  9. I believe he is just a session/studio musician. I don't think he's ever released anything on his own.
  10. "Living on a Thin Line" - The Kinks
  11. Clarence Walker (played by Eddie Murphy) on an old Saturday Night Live episode, where he claims he was the 5th Beatle.
  12. Traffic? Dave Mason, Steve Winwood, Jim Gordon, etc.
  13. How about Arthur Alexander. The Stones did "You Better Move On", Dylan did "Sally Sue Brown" and the Beatles did "Anna (Go to Him)".
  14. Another good quote (paraphrased) from Keith... "Brian and I agreed that he, Brian, wouldn't live very long. I remember saying, You'll never make 30, man, and he said, I know."
  15. Towards the end, the drugs and drinking made it impossible for Brian to contribute anything to the band as well.
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