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  1. I was listening to "you can't do that" by the beatles recently and noticed that the line: "i can't help my feelings, i go out of my mind" was also used by weezer in "hash pipe." bad religion also used the line "there's no time for fussing and fighting, my friends" from "we can work it out." i just thought this was interesting. . .does anyone else know of any other borrowed lyrics?
  2. . . .you're missing out on some great music. I have two bands to recommend, both located in or around New Orleans, Louisiana. Everyone knows NoLa is famous for good times, good food, and especially good music. Ya can't lose! If you just can't find any new music to get excited about, like myself, because it's all just too serious or whiney or rap-influenced, etc. then you need to check out Supagroup . These guys are all about rockin out and actually having fun while doing it. I'm a live music freak and i've attended concerts ranging from A Perfect Circle to Cypress Hill, not to mention countless numbers of local bands, but no other band has been as much fun to see live as Supagroup. Check em out and let them "show you what rock & roll's supposed to be!" www.supagroup.com Be sure to check out the video for their single "What's Your Problem?" in the multimedia section if ya wanna get a taste of what these guys are like live. If you like what you see, head on over to the tour dates page. They're currently touring the midwest and then heading out to the west coast so they could be in your area any day now. If the opportunity arises to see these guys live, i'd strongly advise not missing it! i apologize if that post was too long. . .i know i said two bands, but its late and i could rave about Dax Riggs and Deadboy and the Elephantmen for hours so i'll be back with more on those guys at a later date. . .
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