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  1. Aww Elvy I saw your name and thought the time had come! Please hold on a little longer. Fatten the little fella up. What am I saying? I know you are ready to have it done with. Good luck sweetie!!
  2. Ordinary Average Guy?
  3. Slam and Dunk!!! See how bad my memory is. I can't remember from the time I click from one page to another!
  4. Sorry got the name wrong "She's so Young" released in 1974. I'm counting on Laurie!
  5. Oh so Young/Buddy Holly Tribute ~ Mickey Dolenz. Laurie You Rock!
  6. They all changed thier last names from Young to whatever...
  7. I don't know Joe. When I was young I always got Blood Sweat and Tears confused with Chicago. Didn't care a lot for either. But as I got older I learned to appreciate them. Peter Cetera? Nothing great.
  8. They all have children that are actors or musicians
  9. very good marko....maybe you should change your sig?
  10. Jenny is lucky. To have found someone not only with those feelings, but the ability to express them. It's lovely.
  11. Oh my. If that's true ( I've never heard that) it changes the whole meaning of the song for me. It's not unbelievable that that could happen though.
  12. My guess: (sorry Elvy) Date: April second Time: 3:00 am Weight: 7lbs. 11oz. Length: 21½ inches
  13. I have it on my computer at home. I'll check. A Kind Of A boogee woogee music! Don't Try To Lay No Boogee Woogee Music On The Knig of Rock and Roll!!!
  14. As much as I hate to contribute to the Judith thing....You've got a friend, James Taylor. Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon and Garfunkel
  15. Oh yeah Peaches! Isn't that just the best song for a woman wronged?
  16. Foxy hon, try not to wallow in the sad songs, and try the mad songs! I think they will make you feel better. And smile. It will get better.
  17. Finally!! Official word from Ron Wood. Mick, Keith and Charlie are in the studio. The album (new material)is to be released in june or july. The tour begins in September. Hey my birthday is in september! I just love presents...hint. Tickets would be wonderful.
  18. That's not a problem for me. I love being in the middle of the lake with water all around. What terrifies me is flying at top speed across the water, even with an experienced driver. Same with going super fast on a country highway. Only opposite. I can drive superfast and feel fine. Anyone else and I freak.
  19. Oh by the way, Welcome to sfsound, stick around and have fun! And...Bluesy, I love your sig. Taj Mahal!
  20. Sfsound....at last!! not only someone who knows and appreciates her(she was great, and for the guys, she was hot!). You also know of KSHE! Only the greatest rock station in exsistence. At least they used to be, until the big corporate guys decided to mess with the local stations and thier formats. The Butterfly album cover was beautiful, and I would so like to own a copy of that album. Gotta check Amazon. Thanks for affirming that I'm not nuts guys!!
  21. I'm afraid of spiders,heights(more the falling sensation)and am claustrophobic. I realoy dislike being held down as in tickling. That actually freaks me out. And a fear of being alone. Jr, what's your phobia?
  22. The Rolling Stones ~ True Rock and Roll Jimi Hendrix ~ Psyhedelic Innovation The Who ~ Artists Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band ~ Everyman's(and Womans)rock Lynard Skynard ~ Rebels
  23. My interpretation is that he means our society, by "we". Carl is right. They had to go back into the studio, and quickly redo the song to say the Kennedy's instead of just Kennedy. The album was do to be released within days of them rerecording the song.
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