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  1. 'Officer Krupke' from West Side Story, and "Luck be a Lady" from Guys and Dolls.
  2. Yes, he wrote it And if you like that , then you'll love the Verve album that its from, "Urban Hymns".
  3. Not sure about tabs for it, but the original theme is called 'Angela' and is by jazz musician Bob James, so that may help you find it.
  4. Plastic Bertrand was actually Belgian! Serge Gainsboro, certainly. Then there's Johnny Halliday, a legend in France but almost unknown elsewhere, he's a sort of French Cliff Richard. Synthesizer maestro Jean-Michael Jarre was hugely succesessful during the eighties More recently, current ambient dance music superstars Air are also French.
  5. Im pretty certain KC & The Sunshine Band never did a version of it, and the confusion comes simply from the fact that the song sounds a lot like KC's style. Wild Cherry were one hit wonders and were never heard from again. Mind you, there is a cover version by Vanilla Ice, which has to be one of the worst things ever recorded since time began!
  6. I think you are probably referring to a song called "Saturday Love", which was a big hit for Cherelle in 1984. It also features Alexander O'Neal sharing the vocals with her.
  7. They were called Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band, and the hit was 'Cherchez La Femme'. Band members August Darnell and Andy Hernandez later went on to form Kid Creole and The Coconuts in the 80s.
  8. They had several UK hits in the early 70s: 'Bad bad boy', 'Broken down angel', 'My white bicycle', and a cover of an old Joni Mitchell song, 'This flight tonight' were all top ten records in Britain.
  9. Denmark Street is a road in central London which is famous for its music publishers, instrument shops and recording studios...kind of an English Tin Pan Alley.
  10. Maybe the most interesting aspect of the post- Beatles solo stuff is the Lennon / McCartney musical feud. Its fair to say that Lennon bore a personal grudge against McCartney for a long time after the split ( as, too, did Harrison to a lesser extent. They both felt Paul's commercial ambition and eagerness to tour again drove the group apart. ) They would exchange angry letters, and would go out of their way to avoid each other publicly for many years before they made their peace. This feud shows itself in several of their solo songs, mainly by Lennon. Most famous of his anti-Paul tunes is the stunning " How Do You Sleep?", which includes the vicious line "the sound of musak fills your head". For his part, Paul largely choose to ignore John's musical attacks on him, but his best rebuff song is "Let Me Roll It" It wasn't till a couple of years before John's death that they finally made it up and started talking again.
  11. First..what's to take offence at? The band are popular with both gay and straight people. The lead singer was gay, the other three are straight. Big deal. Second, please explain to me how the name "Queen" spells rebellion and a challenge to society? How? I dont think the monarchy were exactly quaking in their shoes, do you? Or even remotely cared.
  12. They broke up in 1967, after they were unable to repeat the sucess of that song. If you're interested , theres a good biography of the band on the AMG site.
  13. True, but I think the difference is that whilst Clapton is what clasical musicians would call a vituoso, Hendrix was an innovator. Eric is technically excellent, but Jimi took the electric guitar to places it had never been before, so IMO Jimi is much more exciting to listen to.
  14. Inevitably, all song writers have influences and these often come through in their own songs even on a subconcious level. Famously, George Harrison was sued by the writers of the Chiffons' " He's So Fine" over the obvious similarity to "My Sweet Lord". When he lost the case, Harrison was quoted as saying that he was now scared to write another song in case he used some of the same notes!
  15. Elton John. Always sounds strained and forced, like hes trying to sing in someone else's voice and never his own.
  16. What about Bob Seger's ' Famous Final Scene'?
  17. There's got to be more than just three, surely??.
  18. Smokey Robinson Aretha Franklin
  19. :: Count yourself as very, very lucky..Bucks Fizz had several hits in the UK, and each one was just as bad as 'The Land of Make- believe'!
  20. I agree that AMG is a very useful site, and I often use it as a reference source. But you should keep in mind that because it is an American site, with American contributors, its review sections often look a little bizarre to us here in the UK. For instance, bands that were extremely important and successful here, such as The Jam or Madness, are treated with litle concern on AMG simply because they didn't do much in the the US. BTW, costellogirl, you are quite correct that EC is a Brit, as are his parents. Its his fathers' parents who came from Ireland, hence the family name McManus. But you probably already know all that !
  21. yes..and no. The song was a cover version of an older reggae tune called ' Pass the Cutchie'. Now, 'cutchie' is 70s Jamaican slang for a spliff, but seeing as how Musical Youth were just kids, their manager didn't think it was a smart idea for them to sing about that kind of thing iif they were going to be succesful, so..the word got changed to 'dutchie', which is a type of big Jamaican cooking pot. Problem solved instantly, no posible offence could be given,.. and a big hit was the result!
  22. Saliva suck? That makes me spit!
  23. Regardless of what the the song means, am I the only person here who doesn't like it? I dont think its a straight out bad song, but I do believe its very gimmicky. So I've never regarded it as anything more than a novelty song; its use of operatic forms just sounds comical to me. I grew to hate it when it was the Number 1 record here in the UK for week after week after week. You couldn't turn the radio on without hearing it and it drove me nuts. For me, Seven Seas of Rhye is a much better Queen song.
  24. No problem. I have to admit that I'm a great fan of his work, and I think he 's got better as he's got older. I used to find all those puns and clever word-play he used a little irritating sometimes, as if he was just showing off, but he seems to have grown out of that at last.
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