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  1. "Capturing the Freidmans", a recently released documentary that began as a light piece about a family of clowns, then when the father and son were arrested during filming on charges of child abuse, suddenly became a different film completely. It shows the bizarre way that the family break down, and how they treat these very serious charges as an everyday matter... Its a superb movie, tactfully made and very thought- provoking.
  2. What is this "baseball" of which you speak, Earth-beings?
  3. True, Randy Newman's "Baltimore" is not especially complimentary to the city, but it is a beautiful song and well worth listening to if you aren't familiar with it.
  4. I think the song is called 'Real Life', but I'm not too certain.
  5. The song title is 'The Passenger'. The original studio version appears on Iggy's excellent debut album 'Lust for Life', but the only official live version I'm aware of is on a hard to find album released in 1998 called 'Hippodrome - Paris 77' , but I'd guess its on lots of bootlegs as well.
  6. Hmmm. I smell a publicity scam. What's the betting that it miraculously re-appears just before the new album is released??
  7. I've always liked "Still in love with you", which has a great guitar break in it, and "Dancing in the moonlight". Remember seeing them in 1979 on the Black Rose tour, they were a fine live band and Phil Lynott was about the best rock front man around at the time...he always looked SO damn cool.
  8. Aww.. You Guys! Thanks, but in truth The Sweet were not that special. They were very big here in the early 70s, and were a 'glam rock' band..you know..huge silver stack heel boots, silver spandex cat-suits and lots of make-up. They had a string of top ten UK hits, but they are more remembered for how they looked than how they sounded!
  9. I've got that CD ( in the UK, it was released as "Phil's Spectres : A Wall of Soundalikes") and, yes, I think Run Run Run sounds a lot like a typical Spector production. Although it resembles Sweet Talkin' Guy lyrically, the production is very much from the Phil Spector school; everything sounds as if it was recorded under a single microphone and comes at you simultaneously. BTW, if you like Spector's style then dont hesitate to buy this album, its full of really great stuff, from obscure acts to household names like the Beach Boys and the Righteous Brothers.
  10. Wanda Jackson was one HOT mama! All her early stuff is great, although her later songs, after she got religion, are disappointing.. Apparently her manager tried to market her as a female Elvis, and she and The King even had a brief romance.
  11. Digsy, I've never been able to hear a police siren without starting to sing Blockbuster to myself!
  12. well, ok...but you'll have to buy me a few drinks first. ::
  13. Ohh...cringe. I rank that show with Benny Hill as amongst the very worst of British comedy. Its a relic from the seventies, and I'm surprised anyone likes it. Please dont classify that as a good example of 'Brit-com', its just embarrassing!
  14. Actually, I meant 'whats the problem' in the literal sense, not as in 'What's your ******* problem?!' Regard it as an artistic statement.
  15. Name calling is beneath you, you're sharper than that. The only thing I'm trying to justify is the right of people to create stuff you might not like. Sorry if that's so unreasonable. I dont think it is.
  16. Since when has being PC had anything to do with the judgement of the worth of art? Believing in the right to hold opposing opinions was always what you guys refer to as " The American Way" and the rest of us as plain common sense. . People aren't becoming more and more intrigued by whatever you choose to describe as 'tasteless crap' ...they've always have been intrigued. Anything beyond the normal is almost by definition intriguing, and will always bring in an audience. It may not have much intrinsic value, and if it doesn't it wont be around for very long. So what's the problem?
  17. Its an opinion, MT, but I dont find myself agreeing. First off, Naked Lunch was not a particularly good movie. But, as you are no doubt aware, William Burroughs' novel is hardly the easiest book to turn into a film. The book is very strange and not to everyone's taste, but that doesn't automatically make it bad art. I'd say that VERY few movies can be classified as abstract in the same way that a painting can be. Even directors like Bunuel mainly made films with a logical story to them. Abstract pieces like Un Chien Andalou are regarded as classics because they were so innovative. Its the same reason that Citizen Kane is called a classic...no-one had shot a movie that looked quite like that before, but its not in any real way an abstract movie. Of course, crap is just crap. Whether or not YOU think any piece of art is crap is YOUR opinion, and you are entitled to it. But because someone else may take the opposite view doesn't mean they MUST be wrong. The asthethic appeal of anything is in the eye ( or in the ear in the case of music) of the beholder.
  18. The one thing that really strikes me as weird about this list is that it includes musicians who play VERY different types of music...so how can you possibly try to compare them against each other? For instance, what sort of criteria can be used to argue that folk guitarists like Bert Jansch and John Fahey are 'better' or 'worse' than, say, Steve Howe or Richie Blackmore?? It can't be done.
  19. A list of the 100 greatest whatevers is now a standard feature of all music magazines when they find themselves short of features to fill their pages , so Rolling Stone is no more guilty than the rest. At best, they might encourage you to listen to people that you aren't familiar with. At worst, you'll just ignore them. But dont get so worked up over it; these lists aren't SUPPOSED to be a definitive guide, they're just a bunch of opinions and nothing more. Of course, its interesting to read them and disagree with them...why do you think they get published in the first place?... but never take them as gospel.
  20. Thats true, the film is pretty brutal stuff, but the soundtrack album is quite magnificent and perfectly suitable for all ages! Yeah, that episode of Buzzcocks was good..Lamarr obviously hero -worships the venerable Mr Cliff!
  21. That's the old reggae song " You can get it if you really want " by Jimmy Cliff. You can find it on the soundtrack to the film "The Harder They Come", which is an excellent primer for anyone wanting to get into reggae for the first time.
  22. I agree about Mr Bean. The series actually flopped here, it was Atkinson's first major failure, but seems to have done well everywhere else and has made him a very rich man ! But Blackadder is a classic show, especially the the second series.
  23. " Smoke on the water" isn't great, merely very familiar. And we all know what familiarity breeds, don't we?
  24. Being neither a girl nor gay, I don't really think its up my street then. ::
  25. It sounds utterly horrendous. One to miss, I think.
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