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    Rayzor got a reaction from Steel2Velvet in So much more than Random Thoughts   
    Yeah, Jenny. I lost 4000. No biggie, though cuz now it doesn't look like I was posting a whole lotta nothing! LOL
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    Rayzor reacted to miamisammy29 in Name Something   
    "Baby Got Back"
    Name the stage name you would use if you were in a successful punk rock band.
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    Rayzor reacted to CanAm in Random Sports and Sport Talk   
    Tell me you did not think I was serious about Gingras.    Honestly, my favourite Quebec born player is "The Roadrunner" and IMO, The Rocket is the greatest Montreal Canadiens player of all time.  I think the Rangers or Habs will make it to the finals from the east.
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    Rayzor reacted to Carl in New Boards!   
    OK, we changed the setting so you should be able to login using either your email or username.
    Ray, in the upper-right corner you should be able to click for your profile info, and "logout" should be an option.
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