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  1. pearl jams- jermany... very sad song it true but its about a kid who had killed himself he shot himself.
  2. i heard about it but i didn't go though i wanted to but wish i did.
  3. i love crossfade .....i have heard so far from these guys is cold and so far away.....and they rock.....
  4. no no no no its wasn't matchbox ....a different band...... here is another part girls all i want is girls. that is another part of the song.
  5. hey people i need help here there is a song i heard on the radio and i can't seem to figure out the song.....here is what i remember from the song....i was nasty,but i'm unwell.... does anybody know this song.
  6. trust me its worth it the money.
  7. who here saw this movie...... if so how bad did it scare you? me i was like paranoid about mirrors and fuzzy tv screens....but its was a very good movie.
  8. linkin park's my december from the inside,easier to run,crawling,breaking the habit,numb,somewhere i belong,+ many others.
  9. linkin parks cover for the deftones my own summer
  10. but around here i'm knowen as a lpp and not fireball thats my fairy name. but yea sorry made a opps.
  11. pearl jams-jermany very sad its about kid who killed himself
  12. 1.xero-linkin park 2.hybrid theory ep-linkin park 3hybrid theory-linkin park 4.reanimation-linkin park 5.meteora-linkin park 6.live in texas-linkin park
  13. somewhere i belong-linkin park my december-linkin park from the inside-linkin park with you-linkin park pushing me away-linkin park i know there music helps me in many ways shapes and forums
  14. who here has heard of them? well here is there site www.dctalk.com and yes this band is christian
  15. wow pf tht was like really really really really good can't say much when poems are this good.
  16. my december -linkin park in the end-linkin park numb-linkin park somewhere i belong-linkin park burning bright- shinedown simple man- shinedown carousle-linkin park
  17. do you know more of the words? if so i might me able to help....see i'm a music freak. but around here i'm knowen as a lpp and not fieball thts my fairy name.
  18. wow i neverheard of them till now.... but i found out you can get the cds atwalmart and they have very good music
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