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  1. Oh, I'm having trouble with this 'cause I don't watch much TV...let's try a really old show: First guy: What is that odor? Other guy: Uh, north wind, cesspool, east wind, latrine. First guy: The wind is from the south. Other guy: Oh, that's the kitchen.
  2. "Everybody Loves Raymond", spoken by Ray's parents.
  3. What happened to the Shadow? Did the sun go down?
  4. Ah, but you do Soulgirl, indeed you do.
  5. Oh baby...Susan was just in town last week and fortunately I went to see her. I am in love with this woman!!! (But I still love you too, Peaches) Incredible singer and she can play that Fender (she joined Dickie Betts on stage later). I loved every song she did. I am buying this CD as soon as I can get to the store. In fact, I'm buying her debut too. *major swoon*
  6. "School" is an excellent early song of theirs, don't know which album it's from though. More trivia: They had a sax player who was a baseball player from California.
  7. Wow, that is really pretty!
  8. :: :: :: And he always has a great band along!
  9. Molly Rocks!! :guitar: no Phoenix dates, crap.
  10. Jerry Jeff Walker - the guy's put out over 30 albums since 1967. He wrote and recorded a certifiable American standard, "Mr. Bojangles" in '68 (which, by the way, is a true story). "Redneck Mother" and "Vince Triple-O Martin" are two of my other faves of his. I saw Jerry Jeff in concert last Friday, opening for Dickie Betts and Great Southern.
  11. I've been having this same argument with a friend for the last 25 years. He always said 1973 and I've always said 1971. Both were great.
  12. It's called "Oo La La" by The Faces Poor old granddad I laughed at all his words I thought he was a bitter man He spoke of women?s ways They?ll trap you, then they use you Before you even know For love is blind and you?re far too kind Don?t ever let it show I wish that I knew what I know now When I was younger. I wish that I knew what I know now When I was stronger. The can can?s such a pretty show They?ll steal your heart away But backstage, back on earth again The dressing rooms are grey They come on strong and it ain?t too long Before they make you feel a man But love is blind and you soon will find You?re just a boy again When you want her lips, you get a cheek Makes you wonder where you are If you want some more and she?s fast asleep Then she?s twinkling with the stars. Poor young grandson, there?s nothing I can say You?ll have to learn, just like me And that?s the hardest way Ooh la la I wish that I knew what I know now When I was younger. I wish that I knew what I know now When I was stronger. -Wood/Stewart
  13. When I saw the title of this thread the only two that came immediately to mind were Wakeman and Emerson.
  14. awesome dog...pure Lab? Looks like it. Perfect name too.
  15. a whole bag of chips and a coke - munchies Edna? 11.57/10 I had a beef burrito with white rice and black beans and a coke for lunch.
  16. Hey Batman, yes Don And Charlies IS very cool. I love all that baseball stuff, like the bounced check from Ty Cobb on the wall. There are some baseball jerseys hanging in the bar area, one of them is from a team I played with and is signed by me and my teamates. I love that place!
  17. Scottsdale, Arizona is a suberb of Phoenix. It has numerous luxury resorts and spas and is a golf destination. We have spring training baseball and are home to many "snowbirds" during the winter. It was voted the "Most Livable Place in the U.S." several years ago. Great weather from October through May. A lttle hot the rest of the time, but you get used to it. Around 200,000 population, low property taxes, good schools, low crime. It's seen as "Snobbsville" to some others in the area. But I've seen worse. I've lived here four years, it's not bad but it's not "home." This is at the top of Camelback mountain, which rises 1,900 feet above the valley and has 360 degree views: I hiked to the top last fall. we get great sunsets: This is part of the downtown area:
  18. Mothers Of The Disappeared - U2 Midnight, our sons and daughters Were cut down and taken from us Hear their heartbeat... We hear their heartbeat In the wind We hear their laughter In the rain We see their tears Hear their heartbeat... We hear their heartbeat Night hangs like a prisoner Stretched over black and blue Hear their heartbeat... We hear their heartbeat In the trees Our sons stand naked Through the walls Our daughters cry See their tears in the rainfall
  19. Okay, here's my top ten. Let's see if I can stop at ten: 10. Dreams - Allman Brothers 9. Red House - Jimi Hendrix 8. Going to California - Led Zeppelin 7. Baba O'Riley - The Who 6. Gimmee Shelter - Rolling Stones 5. Light My Fire - The Doors 4. Maggie May - Rod Stewart 3. A Day in the Life - Beatles 2. Time - Pink Floyd 1. Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen oops, honorable mention: Layla - Derek and the Dominos Freebird - Lynard Skynard not yet.... Aqualung - Jethro Tull White Room - Cream Hotel California - Eagles one more.... Deja Vu - Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young Karn Evil #9 - Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Wonderous Stories - Yes wait... Cortez The Killer - Neil Young and Crazy Horse Too Rolling Stoned - Robin Trower and dozens more.
  20. Edna with her band, The Jefferson Airplane.
  21. Led Zeppelin - Physical Grafitti Pink Floyd - Animals Allman Brothers - Live at Filmore East The Who - Quadrophenia The Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed The Beatles - Abbey Road Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood Muddy Waters - The London Sessions B.B. King - Live From Cook County Jail :guitar:
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