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  1. Clapton wrote tears in heaven for his son and he also wrote Circus for his son which is a incredably sad song if you listen to the lyrics it will make you cry he also wrote a song called Holy Mother which is on the August album for His close friend Richard Manuel who Died in 1986 on tour with the Band another sad but beatiful song he makes you feel the grief and pain that he is going through with these three songs
  2. Great news for Dominoes fans, Keyboard Player/Vocalist/Songwriter BOBBY WHITLOCK has just revealed his Early Albums are to be Released on C.D, albums such as Raw Velvet and Rock your Sox off which follow on from the sound of Layla, Roll it over, Bell Bottom Blues You wont be dissapointed
  3. yeah steve howe on acoustic guitar and chris squire on acoustic bass
  4. I Love Fire and Rain apparantly he's never revealed who suzanne is?
  5. THE BAND i cant believe how they have only been mentioned once(annabelle) i really thought these guys would be everyones favorite Canadian band these guys invented ROCK music in 1966 on tour with Dylan before this there was only R & B , Pop, R&R,JAZZ, BLUES Country this band put all that together and came up with Rock music wheres the Gratitude People you need to go and listen to MUSIC FROM BIG PINK
  6. i think he used to play for Tottenham Hotspur or was that Lez
  7. two cracking English Bands for ya if these arnt in your collection youre missin out on two of the greatest new rock acts visit their websites if you get chance its a shame most English bands start with The i used to play guitar in a band called The Phases Named after the Traffic song "Smiling Phases" ::
  8. The Music are bringing out a new album What a Guitar Player this guy is
  9. Im going to see THE MUSIC in Sheffield soon this band sound like theyll blow your socks off there from Leeds in England, have they toured America? If not Get Ready for these guys they sound like their influenced by The Stone Roses, Led Zeppelin, Cream you'll love em
  10. I saw YES at wembley arena on june 16th, the line up was Alan White, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman, they seem to get better as the years roll on, they opened with Siberian Khatru , the most unexpected part was after the interval when they all came to the front of the stage and the roadies brought on a mini grand piano for Rick, and a snare drum and Hi Hats for Alan, and they Burst into a Acoustic Version of Roundabout it sounded incredible . Dont worry if you missed them theyll still be here for a long time yet
  11. annabelle could you let me know which source you found this info in
  12. How about these guys JEFF POCARO JIM GORDON STEVE GADD LEVON HELM BERNARD PURDIE BILL BRUFORD STEVIE WONDER none of these guys are big ego flash players like you have mentioned previously these guys play for the song, which is what drumming is about, who wants to play with musicians that are always ego trippin
  13. Levon Helm can sing better and play drums better
  14. Levon Helm played and sang at the same time check out "the night they drove old dixie down"
  15. sutho

    Band Names

    THE BAND only the greatest band in the world could get away with being called that with only the most even talent in most bands you get one or two true talents in THE BAND they were all Equal each one offering his own True Musicianship they all contributed to songwriting they all new what was best for each song, they would switch instruments, switch vocal parts never play over each other, give each other space which made the songs great songs why do you think Bob Dylan wanted these guys on board he knew you couldn't get any better than this Why did Clapton desperatley want to join them why did George Harrison rate them as the best band ever does that mean better than the Beatles George? thats why they were allowed to be called THE BAND
  16. THE LAST WALTZ Film by Martin Scorsese Soundtack by THE BAND Must See
  17. :guitar:Robbie Robertson on King Harvest by THE BAND plugged straight into amp no F/X on this one -would be on my list
  18. Drummer JIM GORDON check out his story for a sad musical ending
  19. :puppyeyes:Holy Mother solo where Clapton poures out his Grief for the death of his friend the great RICHARD MANUEL how is this missing, how can a thousand notes a minute ever come above true feelings of life and loss . this list needs re doing
  20. :drummer:I think ERIC CLAPTON wil be going strong in 20 yrs he plays what he wants to play and constantly gives credit to his inflences so i think he'll still be here to pass on that influence not just for Guitarists but for people who want to keep emotion in their music
  21. i am trying to find out up to date info on Drummer Jim Gordon who wrote layla with Clapton is he still in Hospital or has he been released?
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