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  1. The.Call.Of.Ktulu

    First Song You Heard By Your Favorite Bands

    Bowie- Five Years Symphony X - Evolution Dream Theater - 6:00 Satriani - Friends Metallica - One Savatage - The Hall Of The Mountain King Fates Warning - Through Different Eyes Porcupine Tree - Blackest Eyes Kansas - Portrait Led Zeppelin - The Ocean Rush - Limelight Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
  2. The.Call.Of.Ktulu

    Rock songs with the tightest bassline?

    The Bass line in Seven Nation Army is played on the guitar, not actually a baseline at all
  3. The.Call.Of.Ktulu

    Zeppelin Part 2

    Cant believe noone said Since I've Been Loving You
  4. The.Call.Of.Ktulu

    Best Outro Or Ending To A Song?

    The ending of bohemian rhapsody rapes my face
  5. The.Call.Of.Ktulu

    Favorite Bands

    Led Zeppelin Rush Metallica Pink Floyd Deep Purple
  6. The.Call.Of.Ktulu

    beginning or end? chorus or verse?

    Five Years by Bowie Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen Goin to California By Zeppelin Theres a few too many to say them all
  7. The.Call.Of.Ktulu


  8. The.Call.Of.Ktulu

    How do u guys think of steve vai?

    You've obviously only listened to a few select Vai tracks, he has plenty of songs were we just plugs in and plays.
  9. The.Call.Of.Ktulu

    best male vocals ever...

    Dr John Robert Plant Ray Davies
  10. The.Call.Of.Ktulu

    How do u guys think of steve vai?

    I love everything hes done, but his playing on the recent G3 tour was the best ive ever heard him
  11. The.Call.Of.Ktulu

    Your first album

    Ziggy Stardust- Bowie
  12. The.Call.Of.Ktulu

    Sad Songs

    Anna Lee - Dream Theater Tears- Rush
  13. The.Call.Of.Ktulu

    Dream Theater.

    For Dream Theater: Images And Words, Awake DT was much better before Kevin Moore left
  14. The.Call.Of.Ktulu

    The Definitive Underated Thread

    Supertramp Mad <3 for Supertramp
  15. The.Call.Of.Ktulu

    First Lines

    "Jeremiah was a bullfrog" Joy To the World - Three Dog Night