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  1. LOL. Now, did anyone else besides me catch this joke? Adoption runs in my family. Now THAT is funny.
  2. I can't believe CeeCee had the firstpick in the draft....and took Marc Bulger.
  3. Oh, man, where to begin!! "But officer, the stop sign was waving me through....dude." "Hey, are those real bullets, or chocolate wrapped in foil?" "I don't feel like I ran a stop sign..." "Geez, it's getting so a 62 year old has been can't smoke pot and run stop signs." "Hey, aren't you the dude who busted me last year?" "C'mon, give me a break, dude. I'm the other guy in Simon & Garfunkel. Really!" "Hey, at least I'm not that other dude in Wham!" "If you let me go, I'll get you Ann Magaret's autograph, dude." "Got any twinkies?"
  4. _jr_

    The Knack is back

    1979 Edna. I know. I was a Sophmore, and you couldn't go anywhere without hearing that blasted thing. It seems every decade there is one horribly bad song that everyone loves. OK, more than one, but man, that's a bad song. 80's ~ Sudio by Phill Collins 90's ~ Achy Breaky Heart by that refrigerator with a mullet. (I think it was the 90's anyway.
  5. Nip it! Nip it! Nip it!
  6. "You think you're cool, Danny." I say that to my kids all the time. More Caddyshack quotes: "Mrs. Craig...I'm looking at you.....you wore green so you could hide..." "I ain't payin' no fifty cents for no Coke!" "Man, free to kill gophers at will." Oh, and here's one from Vacation I use every year when we go on vacation. As we head down the street, out of the neighborhood, I always say: "I have everything planned, so we're at Wally World, first thing Saturday morning." Then I'm the only one who laughs.
  7. As far as the old time female movie stars, give me Lauren Bacall any day. Now there's a woman with some starch in her corset.
  8. Q2: How about Karen Carpenter? Has anyone guessed her yet?
  9. Would you believe the name of the band is Gregorian? Truth!!! Here's a list of their songs
  10. Q2> Carole King? Q1. Abba? Both guesses.
  11. One of those weepy chick movies, only in black and white.
  12. Actually, th_ Fun? and Gam_s thr_ad was a s_t up. This is th_ punchlin_.
  13. It's not any more private. It's just another route to send someone a PT. You can pick their name off the buddy list instead of from the boards, is all.
  14. Hmmm...I had 31 points. Then I got a question correct, and I still had 31 points.
  15. This thr_ad isn't d_ad y_t?
  16. Hey, if I'm right, don't be trying to muscle in on my points.
  17. Boston's first one is pretty good. Too bad they beat "More Than A Feeling" to death on the radio.
  18. Oh, ok, Dr. Hook's 'Cover of the Rolling Stone' has the lyrics "Well, we're big rock singers". heck, I was just singing it all day yesterday.
  19. That's because good music transcends genres. And Queen made music that appealed to all ages and backgrounds.
  20. Rock? david Essex ~ Rock On Neil Diamond ~ Love on the Rocks Not sure about the other one. I'd have to look.
  21. "You're gonna need a bigger boat" is a common one at work.
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