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  1. Sorry, I was on vacation Yes! I found the song in the episode music guide.. thank you very much Earth_Angel an invisible r
  2. Ok this it's quite difficult, I'm not looking for the theme song but a song that appears in the episode where J.D. and Elliot start a relationship that ende after like 2 weeks and at the same time there's a psychiatrist analizing all the scrubs. The song it's a happy punk and the chorus say something like "and I fall in love with someone, and I fall.." I know it's not much but I'll try to do searches around to see it's I find something else.
  3. "Le voyage de Penelope" by Air, I completely identify with that song
  4. Yeah, I didn't know it.. it's a great site I'm going to add three more covers Talk Talk-How Soon Is Now? /covered by t.A.T.u. Scorpions- Still loving you /covered by Sonata Arctica Chip Taylor(?)-Angel of The Morning/covered by Shaggy (as Angel) and a bunch of people (Olivia Newton John, Bonnie Tyler, Nina Simone, etc)
  5. cool, those are almost the exact lyrics of Chemical Brothers "Hey Girl, Hey Boy"
  6. Are they a band that cover everything in gregorian chants??? thanks BTW
  7. This thread is for tracing song's original versions and to talk about all the diferent covers made to songs. These are the ones I remember now I put (what I believe) is the original singer/band in the left side Aerosmith- Dream On (reinterpreted as Sing for the Moment by Eminem) Bee Gees- I started a Joke /covered by Wallflowers Bee Gees - To Love Somebody /covered by Eagle-Eye Cherry and Billy Corgan Depeche Mode- Personal Jesus/ covered by Marilyn Manson Depeche Mode- Shout/ covered by Disturbed (shout 2000) Depeche Mode-Let me see you strip /covered by Rammstein Glor
  8. There is a cover of the song "losing my religion" of R.E.M that sounds like gregorian chants with electronic base, anyone knows who sing his?
  9. Another song I've been looking for a while. This time maybe trikier as the info I have is more vague. It's a folk/rock song dated from between 60s and 70s. Here's the important piece of information: At the end of the song the distort a voice in a way that it seems like the guitar is singing. The voice probably says 'over and over' and it keeps going until the song fades out. I really thank your help and cooperation
  10. Forrest Gump is one a movies with great use of music as it sets you in specific historical times by adding the nostalgia element...I love this soundtrack Another great soundtrack is from the mexican movie 'Y tu mama tambien' It's totally eclectic and quite non-commercial (although it did had a promotional song) It features several mexicans alt-rock bands (Cafe tacuba, Titan...)and rare covers like Kraftwerk's 'Showroom dummies' performed by Señor Coconut and 'to love somebody' by Eagle Eye Cherry Check out the playlist: 01 Here Comes The Mayo (Molotov & Dub Pistols) 02 La
  11. The Lightning Seeds - You Showed Me Lyrics You showed me how to do Exactly what you do How I fell in love with you Oh, it's true Oh, I love you You showed me how to say Exactly what you say In that special way Oh, it's true You fell for me too And when I tried it, I could see you fall And I decided it's not a trip at all You taught it to me too Exactly what you do And now you love me too Oh, it's true We're in love, we two You showed me how you do Exactly what you do How I fell in love with you You showed me how to say Exactly what you say In that special way
  12. I found the lyrics and yes! it looks like the song i was looking.. thank you!
  13. I've been looking this song for about 2 years now...but I don't know who perform it nor a single piece from the lyrics... the only clue I have is that the video portrayed the life of a couple of chinese people as they fall in love marry have a child.. etc all this going on some kind of sci-fi black and white room; eventually they get old and have an argue were they rip back each other heart (earlier in the video they interchanged them) and die and their dalmatian ends eating the heart. Lovely isn't it? the song is actually kind of slow and moody. the date? about mid-90s ** the song als
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